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Should I call a lawyer referral service?

If you’ve just been in an accident, you may be wondering if you should call a lawyer referral service, one that advertises on television or the radio. In fact, in the Tampa Bay area, our market is inundated with these advertisements. You might be wondering if these services are any good. Well, keep in mind that lawyer referral services are only partly regulated by the Florida Bar. When I say partly, I mean only lawyers are regulated. The lawyer referral service can often make advertisements, claims, and statements that don’t pass Bar scrutiny. In fact, they don’t have to submit their advertisements to the Florida Bar.

If you listen to a recent radio advertisement for 411 Pain, you’ll not that the “non lawyer attorney spokesperson” makes a very curious statement. The statement they make is ” we have a very exclusive group of attorneys. We’ve spent many years putting this group together.” Well, what does that really mean? Does it mean that these lawyers are superbly talented? I don’t want to make a generalization because there are some good lawyers that belong to these networks, but really, to become a member of 411 Pain or Ask Gary, you simply have to pay to become a member. It’s a pay for play system. It doesn’t state the quality of the lawyer, how many cases they have tried, what kind of verdicts they have obtained, their experience in handling personal injury cases like yours, it simply means that they paid to be a member of a lawyer referral service.

But keep in mind that being a member of such an “exclusive” group doesn’t convey quality, it just conveys they paid.