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How do I find the best Clearwater personal injury attorney?

A question that many consumers are faced with is “how do I find the best Clearwater personal injury attorney?” Let’s start off by telling you what you should not do. Do not pick an attorney based solely on a billboard, television, or radio advertisements. The reason being is that this does not tell you the quality of the lawyer. In fact, many Clearwater personal injury attorneys are little more than settlement mills, where paralegals and legal assistants run the majority of the cases. You never get to meet your attorney, or rarely. This is a generalization. Not every law firm is like this, but many are. What you should look for is online resources. Look at legal directories. Find out what kind of awards this attorney has won. Look at their reviews. Go online to Google and see how other members of the community have reviewed this law firm. What kind of reviews do they have? Keep in mind there will always be negative reviews on anyone, but what do the majority of the reviews tell you? Is the lawyer accessible? Are they knowledgable? Are they competent? Have they tried cases before? You can’t find that out by looking at a billboard, or listening to a television or radio commercial. This isn’t a beauty contest. You get one bite at the apple. You have one chance to hit your case out of the park, so be sure to do your research.