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DUI Injury Victim Left To Die

Quietly nestled off the southern west coast of Florida lays a beautiful town by the name of Port Charlotte. Port Charlotte has welcomed the Tampa Bay Devil Rays since 2009 as a location for their Spring Training games and practices. Unfortunately, on March 22, 2012, a terrible event took place that would forever change the Tufano family and the Rays legacy forever.

Apparently, after an afternoon of drinking and debauchery, Devil Ray’s Pitcher Matt Bush met with the fate of 72-year old Tony Tufano. Matt Bush was once a hot prospect drafted number one overall in the 2004 MLB draft by the San Diego Padres. Bush was plagued with character issue from the start and it was clear that alcohol had a firm hold of him. An unlicensed Bush “borrowed” the vehicle of teammate Brandon Guyer and drove up to a local strip club. Reports indicate that a drunken Bush went to the strip club where he was tossed out for unruly behavior and preceded to drive back to Port Charlotte. Upon arriving back into Port Charlotte Bush was involved in an accident with Tufano who was driving a motorcycle. Instead of dealing with the situation Bush choose to leave an injured and critically injured Tufano in the road and fled the scene without much regard for the safety of the motorist he hit. Tufano was left to die at the scene by Bush who has shown little remorse for the injuries he caused.

As a result of this crash it is still unknown whether Tufano will live or die. Tufano is still suffering from a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs, broken wrist, and on currently fighting a medically induced coma. Unfortunately, this was not the first incident of drinking and driving that Bush has faced. He is a habitual drunk driver and this is yet another example of a senseless tragedy that has been caused by the combination of drinking and driving. Due Process and the legal system will spin its course and Bush will hopefully get what he deserves. Sadly, Tufano may not be given a second chance like Bush was…but if he is, we are all very sure he will appreciate every minute of it.

As a drunk driving victim attorney, I all too often learn of tragedies like the one described above. Alcohol inhibits the reaction time of the driver and results in the inability of the individual to judge potential risks and hazards. Drunk drivers and distracted drivers are the two biggest threats to the safety of your average motorist. They account for a disproportionate share of catastrophic injuries that are a result of either an automobile accident or motorcycle accident.

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