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Brain injuries are some of the most life-altering injuries a person can suffer in an accident. Victims often find that they lack many of the abilities they had beforehand. Even relatively “mild” brain injuries like concussions can seriously disrupt your daily life and require months before you feel better. If you have suffered a brain injury and someone else was at fault, you can hold the person responsible legally liable. However, you will need an aggressive Doral brain injury lawyer in your corner from the start.

Causes of Brain Injuries

The brain is well protected inside the skull. Nevertheless, it is vulnerable to injury in certain situations. People can suffer injuries in the following ways:

  • Trauma. Any trauma of sufficient force to the head or body can cause the brain to shift inside the skull and impact its interior surface. Car accidents, slip and falls, and sporting accidents can all cause sufficient trauma to disrupt the brain’s functioning.
  • Penetration. When an object penetrates the skull, it can directly damage brain tissue. A common example is a gunshot wound to the head.
  • Oxygen deprivation. The brain needs oxygen to work properly, and when it is deprived of oxygen brain cells begin to die.

Consequences of Brain Injuries

The brain is central to the body’s nervous system, controlling our bodily movements as well as thoughts and emotions. Unsurprisingly, brain injuries can severely disrupt your normal bodily and mental functioning, so much so that some victims become helpless. Consider the following consequences:

  • Problems with communication. A person might be unable to talk or to understand language after a brain injury.
  • Impaired memory. A person with a brain injury often suffers a loss of short-term or “working” memory.
  • Visual problems. A brain injury can compromise your ability to recognize certain shapes or objects, including human faces.
  • Reduced motivation. Brain injuries can induce a feeling of lethargy.
  • Compromised ability to reason. You might not be able to understand rules or think logically after brain trauma.
  • Behavioral changes. People with brain injuries sometimes exhibit reduced impulse control and other changes in their personalities. Victims can suffer from mood swings, depression, anxiety, and anger. Post-traumatic stress disorder is also fairly common.
  • Impaired mobility. Victims might lose the ability to move parts of their body or suffer an overall loss of coordination or balance. Limbs can become stiff or spastic.
  • Sensory deprivation. After a brain injury, you might notice changes in your ability to hear, see, touch, or taste.

Each brain injury affects patients differently, so you might experience only some or all of those symptoms. With a mild brain injury, your problems might only be temporary. However, the severity depends on the circumstances, including your age and overall health, as well as the part of the brain affected.

Brain Injury Treatments

Depending on the brain injury, some people need surgery to remove blood clots or ease pressure on the brain. People with moderate to severe brain injuries frequently are admitted to the emergency room so that they can receive treatment to stabilize their condition including:

  • Being hooked up to a ventilator to assist breathing.
  • Receiving an IV for fluids and medication.
  • Monitoring heart function with an EKG machine.
  • Monitoring brain function with an EEG machine.

Victims of severe brain injuries may also need surgery to relieve pressure or stop bleeding inside the skull. Once a patient is stabilized and discharged from the emergency room, a brain injury victim is often moved to Step-Down Treatment, which provides intermediary care before release from the hospital entirely.

However, most treatment will consist of rehabilitation as you try to train your mind and body to relearn tasks you once found simple. After a brain injury, you might need to schedule the following rehabilitation:

  • Speech and language therapy to recover your ability to communicate
  • Occupational therapy to help you relearn daily living tasks like dressing yourself and brushing your teeth
  • Physical therapy to improve your mobility and balance
  • Psychiatric care to help you manage the emotional and mental effects of a traumatic brain injury

Therapy might last for a limited amount of time, or may be long-term. Some patients with brain injuries make a full recovery, while others will need help for the rest of their lives.

Holding Someone Responsible for Your Brain Injury

Brain injury victims often come to us confused about what to do and worried about the future. In particular, these injuries often cause mounting medical expenses, while the victim is also unable to work. Fortunately, compensation is available if your attorney can show that someone is legally responsible for your injury.

In some cases, you might have a legal case against someone because they intentionally hurt you. In other cases, the person responsible did not intend to hurt you. Rather, they were careless, and this carelessness caused your injury. Common examples include:

  • A distracted driver crashing into you.
  • A boat operator not looking where he is going and hitting a wake, causing you to strike your head or fall overboard.
  • A scuba diving company not checking its equipment, which malfunctions and leads to a near-drowning.
  • An anesthesiologist not providing adequate oxygen during surgery.
  • A doctor delivering a baby improperly, which reduces the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain.

In these cases—and others like them—you can bring a lawsuit for negligence and, if you win, you can receive compensation. The key will be to show that the defendant did not exercise sufficient care based on the circumstances, which can be a complex analysis requiring expert opinions and testimony.

Contact a Doral Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries present unique problems for survivors and their family members. Fortunately, help is available. At Sibley Dolman, we pride ourselves on our representation of brain injury clients. We fight for our clients’ legal right to recover just compensation for injuries caused by someone else and work hard to ensure our clients are in the best position possible to move forward with their lives. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 305-930-7688.

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