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Kansas Doctor Imprisoned for Improper Opioid Prescriptions

Opioid Overprescription Lands Doctor in Prison

The United States has encountered many crises caused by the introduction of substances that lead to rampant abuse and crime. Crack cocaine, meth, heroin and other dangerous drugs have claimed thousands of lives and put even more people in prison. For the last few years, the United States has experienced a new crisis caused by a particularly addictive substance yet this time the game has changed. Instead of a drug manufactured in illegal labs and dealt in back alleys, thousands are getting addicted thanks to a simple prescription of FDA approved medication from their very own doctors.

Kansas Doctor Guilty of Opioid Overprescription

Prescription opioids have caused immense pain and suffering from their incredible addictiveness and dangerous effects that come with their abuse. Doctors have a responsibility to ensure their patients are not harmed through these kinds of prescriptions yet some doctors like Wichita doctor, Steven R. Henson, have ended up causing serious damage through the prescription of opioids.

Dr. Henson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison on multiple charges ranging from conspiracy to distribute prescription drugs outside the course of medical practice to prescribing opioids in dangerous amounts which lead to the death of one of his patients. What is concerning is that this kind of irresponsibility is not uncommon especially when it comes to prescriptions. Doctors can engage in what is called medical malpractice and cause injuries to their patients when they provide care that is not up to the standards expected of them.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Medical malpractice is when a medical professional causes an injury to a patient through negligence that violates the standard of care expected of them. Patients injured by their doctors through medical malpractice are entitled to compensation for the damages that they suffered. These injured patients can take legal action via a medical malpractice suit. If a plaintiff can prove that the doctor treating them or a similar liable party violated the expected standard of care then they should be able to reach a settlement or in some cases take them to court to fight for their right to compensation.

When taking legal action because of medical malpractice, it is important that you consider hiring an attorney. An experienced attorney with a history of successful medical malpractice claims can give you the best chance possible at maximizing your settlement and ensuring you receive compensation. Matt Dolman and the rest of the Dolman Law team are well versed in handling medical malpractice case; especially those concerning injuries caused by prescriptions. Allow us to assist you while you focus on recovery. Our lawyers will fight for you and get you big firm results with small firm personal attention.

Opioids and the Dangers of Prescribing Them

Prescription opioids are a completely legal yet highly addictive type of drug that is typically used as a painkiller. While there is technically nothing wrong with prescribing a patient opioids, there are some serious risks. Opioids are actually a narcotic and include drugs such as heroin. It is no coincidence that prescription opioids are in the same family of drugs as heroin. They both function in a very similar fashion by latching onto opioid receptors and convincing the body that it isn’t feeling any pain. Like heroin, opioids are extremely addictive to the point that those addicted will continually have to take higher doses because they will build up a tolerance. Eventually, people with addiction to opioids get to the point where they are at immense risk of overdosing or suffering health issues because of an opioids bad reaction with another substance.

Opioid Prescription Addiction

A common issue with opioid prescription is that people will develop an addiction to the opioid medication but their prescription will run its course leaving them with addiction and no legal way indulge it. These people will often have no choice but to turn to illegal methods of getting their prescription opioids or may even resort to using the dangerously similar heroin which is often much easier to get ahold of.

This is what happened with Dr. Henson. He apparently used his prescription of opioids to purposely addict his patients so that he could then exploit for financial gain. He would actually falsify prescriptions so that he could sell dangerous amounts of opioids to patients to that no longer even need medication.

Prescription Medical Malpractice

What Dr. Henson did was clearly against the law and absolutely a breach of the code of ethics doctors adhere to. Doctors like him abuse their patient’s trust and leave them with significant damages. In Dr. Henson’s case, he is facing criminal charges and his wrongdoings fall under the purview of criminal law. His patients still have severe damages they are likely contending with and will want compensation which they would have to try and get through a medical malpractice suit which falls under civil law.

There are many other cases of doctors injuring their patients through opioid prescription without criminal intent. Many doctors can simply be negligent and harm a patient by simply not prescribing the correct amount. In other cases, a doctor simply may not monitor their patient and the effects that the opioids they prescribed are having on them. A doctor can also be negligent when they prescribe an opioid that can have a bad reaction with another medication or a pre-existing health issue that they did not check for.

Seek an Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney

If you or someone you know has been harmed by the prescription of opioid medication then don’t hesitate to contact the Dolman Law group for legal consultation. The experienced lawyers of Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA will assist you in holding the parties responsible for the damages done to you or your loved ones accountable. Our lawyers will fight for your right for compensation and be aggressive in ensuring that you get a settlement that you are comfortable with.

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