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Defective Cochlear Implants Marketed by Manufacturer for Years

Cochlear implants essentially perform an act of god — they allow the deaf to hear again. These amazing medical devices have changed the lives of many since their intervention for the better, and unfortunately, for the worst as well. A manufacturer of these implants, known as Advanced Bionics, marketed and sold defective cochlear implants for years, even after finding out about the defects.

The model, HiRes 90K, had issues from the start according to a story published in March by the Today Show on NBC. The devices were found to have excessive moisture inside, resulting in frequent failure and sometimes in a strong shock to the victim. Problems were first reported internally all the way back in 2003, and it took the company until 2006 to finally recall the devices implanted. In 2008, Advanced Bionics made a $1.1 million settlement to the FDA, and denied any liability. Then, just last year, the company was found to be in gross negligence and ordered to pay a patient who had the implant $7 million. This led to settlements on numerous other claims filed against the manufacturer.

Injuries from the defective implant resulted from severe electric shocks inside patients head. These shocks would throw patients to the ground, cause convulsions, vomiting, and result in permanent damage to the ear.


Medical devices are meant to help people, not hurt people. They have the power to heal and change people’s lives, and also can harm the people they are supposed to help as well. Medical devices can cause injury in multiple ways. They can have a poor and defective design, or they can be manufactured cheaply and with very little care. Also, as evidenced with the cochlear implant manufacturer Advanced Bionics, manufactures may also know about defects of their products and still continue to aggressively market that product to the public. Fortunately, in Florida and in the United States, those who are harmed from a defective medical device, such as those who had faulty cochlear implants, may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and the damages suffered.

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