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The Dangers of Mirena IUD

Mirena IUD is a contraceptive device created by Bayer Pharmaceutical. Mirena IUD has been the cause of serious medical problems for many unsuspecting women. Common side effects of the device are, internal bleeding, uterine perforation, migration of the device and in more serious circumstances, it can be life threatening.

Video Transcription

At Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we represent consumers who have been harmed and injured by dangerous drugs. What is a dangerous medication? Well, it would take me too long to actually describe that, and probably lose your attention watching my video. So I’m going to keep it short. A dangerous medication, short and simply, is a medication that’s been rushed to market without the FDA or other colleagues and experts determining the long term efficacy of the drug or medication. These drugs are often rushed to market by pharmaceutical giants that are looking at making decisions based on, again, pecuniary gain, which is financial gain, rather than meritorious reasons.

One drug we’re focused on in particular is Mirena IUD. IUD stands for intrauterine device. This is used as a birth control or contraception method—the issue which is that the Mirena IUD, which is placed above the uterus, it’s a T-shaped device, often migrates throughout the body. It doesn’t remain there, and it causes perforation of the vaginal walls. The issue that we have is that the Mirena device is intended to prevent the uptake of sperm. When the device moves, it can perforate the uterine walls and the vaginal walls. The biggest issues we see are the complications, including but not limited to ectopic pregnancies, infections, migration of the device to other parts of the body and many complications as a result.

If you have been injured by the Mirena device, if you have suffered complications from the use of the Mirena or other contraceptive devices like Yaz, even going as far as vaginal mesh devices, give us a call today, (833) 606-DRUG [3784], or visit us on the web at www.D-O-L-M-A-N-L-A-W.com. Our consultations are free. We’ll do a free case evaluation and I’ll go over the facts of your case and let you know what my thoughts are. And if interested, we’ll push your case as far as we possibly can. But right now, we would love to talk to you about Mirena IUD devices and the inherent complications as a result of. Thank you. Have a good day.

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