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Dangers of Deer to Florida Motorists 

Recently, one of our staff members came across this hilarious video on where a woman suggests that it’s unfair that the government places deer crossing signs in the middle of highways.

Deer pose little threat on the highways of St. Petersburg and Tampa due to their low populations. In more inland areas, such as Brandon and Ruskin, deer are a serious issue for motorists. However, the threat is even more dangerous to motorcyclists. That’s why the motorcycle injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group recommends these tips to motorcyclists. Before riding there are three things you can do to prevent accidents with deer. First, practice braking and swerving. Next, use powerful lights. You can upgrade your main lamp or get a secondary light for driving in empty areas. Third, gear up. No one plans on hitting an animal, but the only way to limit the damage to yourself is by wearing proper protective gear.

While riding there are a few things you can do to avoid a collision. Begin by slowing down. At speeds over 50 miles per hour, persons on motorcycles are unlikely to have enough time to react. While the decrease in speed may give you more time to spot the animal, it will definitely provide greater maneuverability to avoid colliding. You can further reduce your reaction time by covering your brakes. By using your high-beams or the aforementioned additional light, you’re more capable of spotting hazards.

Finally, when you see a deer in your path, there are three things you should do. First, brake firmly and be ready to stop completely. You can also flip your high-beams or flash your headlights. By doing this, you may break the spell that causes the deer to freeze in the road. Finally, you can blow your horn with a single blast to try and frighten the deer away.

If you cannot avoid a collision with a deer or other animal based on these suggestions, then you may wonder whether you should or should not swerve. The answer is: it depends. For new riders, swerving is not a good option. Issues regarding control may make a direct collision the safer option. However, for those who can control their vehicle, a swerve may prevent serious injury so long as one can avoid oncoming traffic and other hazards. Using these tips, we hope that you can avoid issues while riding and avoid a motorcycle crash.

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