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“D-W-K” – Driving While Kissing

A popular song by country artist Frankie Ballard called “Sunshine and Whiskey” has taken the radio by storm these past couple of weeks. It’s your standard “twangy” tune; banjos, harmony, and a thick southern accent. One feature of this song caught my attention in particular, though, and that is the following line:

“Don’t wanna get a D-W-K. “Driving while kissing”; they’ll put you away!”

Now, clearly this guy is just trying to avoid jail time which is apparently the consequence of driving while kissing, but still; maybe deep inside he knew it was dangerous to kiss and drive and was making an effort to keep the roadways safe?

On a serious note, driving while doing anything that isn’t…driving…is bad. It’s very bad! Just look at these 100% accurate statistics!

Distracted Driving Information

Distracted driving comes in many forms—mostly vague—because it’s literally anything that distracts you from driving. Here are some of the most common forms that many of us partake in on a daily basis.

  • Cell phone usage
  • Eating and/or drinking
  • Talking, interacting, or being disturbed by passengers
  • In-car devices like radios, GPS, etc.
  • Personal grooming
  • Reaching for objects/drinks/food

Each of these forms of distracted driving differs from one another.

Reaching for a drink might require one of your hands and a little bit of mental power; you might be able to do it while keeping your eyes on the road.

Talking on the cell phone can be hands-free. You can keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road, and a good percentage of your focus on same. You may have issues if the conversation gets a little more in-depth or serious, but hands-free (Bluetooth) cell phone usage isn’t a big issue and is legal in most, if not all, states. (Some require you to be at least 18 years of age)

Texting while driving is by far the most distracted. You’ve got to use your fingers to hit the tiny letter keys, you’ve got to read the texts you’re receiving and decide how to reply back, and you’ve got to look at the screen to make sure everything you’re typing is correct.

That’s why texting and driving makes up such a large portion of car accidents and is even more of a leader in accident fatalities. This is because drivers who are texting are usually unaware of the impending collision and fail to apply brakes or brace themselves.

Dealing with the Issue

I just recently purchased a new iPhone 6 and let me tell you, those things are great. I have also realized an overwhelming temptation to text and drive with it because of how easy it is for me now. What used to take me minutes to type can now be done in a quarter of the time. Apps that help me find the closest Dunkin Donuts are much easier than looking for one myself.

I’ve had to put it in my pocket and promise myself not to take it out unless:

  • I’m stopped at a traffic control light
  • It’s of dire importance

Is there any other reason? Texting your friend because your favorite song is on is not worth the car accident that could be caused by doing so.


Every day, drivers—teens especially—are seriously injured and often killed in catastrophic automobile accidents involving texting while driving. It’s a devastating event that can be avoided by both parties:

Drivers: Don’t use your phone while driving!

Family and friends: Make sure the person you’re texting isn’t driving! If they let you know they’re driving, please halt all texting!

Don’t even say “I’ll text you later!”…just go!

If we all work together, we can help make Florida home to much safer roadways.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or wrongfully killed in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, we understand that no amount of money can repair the situation.

We also understand that insurance providers who are supposed to make the hard times a little less stressful—do not. They often get away with giving the smallest amount of coverage to patients and make the situation impossible for the family to cope with.

Here at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, we offer a free consultation and case evaluation where we can sit down with you and listen to your case. You may be eligible for compensation that will ease the burden of a serious injury or wrongful death.

Contact us today to learn about your rights and options for dealing with a distracted driving automobile accident that resulted in personal injury.

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