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Cows Roam the Turnpike; Accidents Involving 4 Trucks; 13 Injured

A large section of the often-busy Florida Turnpike is reopened to public traffic after a damaging series of back to back crashes occurred near Yeehaw Junction and US-192 in Osceola County, Florida.

It was on Wednesday morning around 2:21AM at mile marker 231 when a large truck transporting around 130 calves overturned, landing on its side and allowing the calves to roam free. The Florida Highway Patrol made a protective decision to close down the road—allowing for wranglers to round up the loose calves safely, and preventing any unnecessary accidents from occurring. Luckily, the driver of the cattle truck left the scene with only minor injuries, and out of the other 6 that were injured in the accident, none of them required hospitalization.

A mere hour later, and just a mile further down the road, a FedEx semi-truck driver showed no attempt to slow down or come to a stop before ramming in to the back of another tractor-trailer. Seconds after impact (and likely in an attempt to avoid the crash scene), a nearby car crashed into yet another tractor-trailer. Seven people were injured in this accident. In combination with the first accident, a total of 13 people were injured.

However, the family and friends of anyone involved in these Florida Turnpike accidents can sleep comfortably tonight knowing that each and every driver returned home safely. On another positive note, most of the young cows that escaped were rounded up and brought to their destination in trucks provided by Osceola Animal Control workers. Unfortunately, a happy ending is a rare outcome in motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving monstrous, heavy load bearing semi-trailer trucks. 

Here are a few statistics relating to large trucks as provided by the NHTSA. 

In 2012, with around 104,000 people injured in accidents involving large trucks, 3,921 were killed. In 2011, just a year before, the number of injuries was significantly less at 88,000. Those numbers are shocking hear when you consider the fact that only 4% of all registered vehicles are large trucks. Maybe it’s because those trucks roam the nation so often and such great extent that they are the cause of so many deadly accidents. It doesn’t help their case that truckers are often pressured to drive while suffering from fatigue.


Everyday, fatal accidents leave families torn apart emotionally, mentally, and financially. What’s worse is that—on occasion—these families have an incredibly difficult time recovering from their loss. Medical bills take over the household income; funeral planning and expenses creates overwhelming stress; there seems to be no way out.

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