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Commitment To Our Clients

06.15.2016 by | Not Categorized

A quote from Theodore Rosevelt [1] holds true when considered in the context of the attorney-client relationship.  “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” [2] The importance of a client knowing how much time, attention, and commitment we have to their case cannot be understated.  Clients need to know how much we care.  Our clients know how much we care because we show them.  We show them through the work done on their behalf, the attention to detail concerning their case, the results we obtain on their behalf, the speed with which we handle their claim, and by keeping our word.  Specifically, following through on any statement concerning what we’ll do on their behalf.  There are law firms that will tell a client they will do any number of things for them.  There are law firms that go as far as promising to obtain a specific outcome on their behalf; especially when it comes to settlement.   The focus for both attorneys and staff at the Dolman Law Group is client satisfaction achieved the old fashioned and honorable way – nothing less than exceptional work on their behalf. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and we don’t make statements we’re anything less than 100% certain to deliver on.

People have no shortage of law firms to choose from when injured.  However, there is a shortage for anyone injured.  The shortage involves hiring a firm that actually cares about your case.  People are less naïve these days.  They know when their attorney is focused on recovering more of a fee than anything else.  Unfortunately, that is a sad fact about the legal profession.

So, how and why is Dolman Law Group different?  To truly care, our clients’ cases are far more than a file number.  Unlike other firms, especially large personal injury settlement mills, we’re focused on our client’s interests.  We answer questions; all of them and in a timely manner.  Our attorneys speak with their clients directly.  There’s no wall between any of our clients and their attorney.  In fact, the following belief is one of many differences that set us apart – we believe any hindrance to communication between our clients and their attorneys must be avoided.  Our attorneys are handpicked based on factors involving their level of experience, passion for the practice of law, and commitment to their clients.  You will not find out firm putting out an ad asking for attorneys to send in resumes.  We’re fortunate to be in the position we’re in as a law firm.   We’re proud of the fact it came about through hard work, combined with achieving remarkable results on behalf of our clients.   Visit our website and review the accomplishments of our managing partner and president, Matt Dolman.

On numerous occasions, we’ve had clients explain that the reason they chose our firm from the beginning, or why they discharged their prior attorney to switch to representation by our firm, is because of impression gained after meeting or speaking with us. Consultations are free. Call us at 727-451-6900 or visit

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