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Closed Head Brain Injuries in Boxing and Car Accidents

November 23, 2009, I sat ringside at the famous Blue Horizon in Philadelphia watching two great boxers fight USBA super bantamweight championship. After 10 long rounds the fight was stopped and a beaten and wounded Francisco Rodriguez slumped over on a stool in his corner with both arms stretched along the ring ropes. His corner men attended to him as he shut his eyes for the last time. Francisco Rodriguez underwent emergency surgery to relieve pressure from a brain bleed. The following morning Francisco Rodriguez was taken off life support and died at the untimely age of 25.

Although the above story represents an extreme brain injury it shows how serious the consequences may be. Every year thousands of people fall victim to brain injuries as a result of a car accident. The big misconception is that you must be traveling at a high rate of speed or receive multiple blows to fall victim to a brain injury. As a Florida brain injury attorney, I can assure you that the reality is you can sustain a brain injury from a low to moderate speed auto collision. In fact ,you do not even have to hit your head in an accident to have a brain injury!

One can think of the brain like an egg. The inside of the egg is protected by the shell much like our brain is protected by our skull. During an accident the brain goes from traveling at the same velocity your car is and stops abruptly. This results in the soft tissue of the brain being pressed against the very hard surface of the skull. The brain gets compressed against the skull and this may cause blood vessels to rupture. Essentially the brain bleeds. Much like Francisco Rodriguez this blood causes pressure to build up inside the skull with no place to go.

Francisco Rodriguez is proof positive how serious a “closed head injury” may become. “Closed head injury” occurs when there is no fracture of the skull. In instances where there is a fracture of the skull are deemed “open head injury” and are much easier to diagnosis due to the visible damage to the skull. In most auto accidents the head injury is “closed” and sometimes overlooked by EMS and other care providers. This is why it is so important to recognize possible symptoms of a “closed head injury” and potentially a “traumatic brain injury” (TBI) resulting from a moderate vehicle collision. Even CT and MRI scans routinely miss small tears in the brain due to their microscopic size.

Here at Sibley Dolman Gipe Accident Injury Lawyers, PA we have worked on numerous head injury and traumatic brain injury cases throughout the State of Florida. It is important to get our clients to trained professionals that are experts in diagnosing traumatic head injuries as well as treating them properly.