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A Simple Guide for First Time Florida DUI Arrests

First Time DUI:

  1. Fines
    • Under  0.15 BAC – between $500.00 and $1000.00
    • Over 0.15 BAC – between $1000.00 and $2000.00
  2. Jail time
    • No more than six (6) months
  3. Probation
    • No more than twelve (12) months
  4. Vehicle Impound
    • You must park your vehicle for ten (10) days. The sheriff’s office will come to you and place a ten (10) day sticker on your vehicle.
    • If you share a vehicle with someone and this condition causes a significant hardship, your attorney may ask the judge to waive this condition.
  5. Community Service
    • You must complete fifty (50) hours of community service or pay them off at a rate of $10.00 per hour.
  6. Driver’s License Suspension
    • Your license may be suspended for a period of 180 days up to one (1) year.
    • Remember to seek the advice of an experienced DUI attorney to ask about your rights to an administrative hearing and the ten (10) day rule.
  7. DUI School
    • You must complete DUI school. This requirement must be met before you can be eligible for a hardship license.
    • For more information on locations and costs associated with signing up for DUI school, visit https://www.flhsmv.gov/ddl/dui_county.html
  8. Ignition Interlock
    • If you submit to a Blood Alcohol Content Test (Breath Test) and your balance is over 0.15, you will be required to place an ignition interlock device on your vehicle for up to six (6) months. This device requires you to blow into the machine before you can start your engine.
  9. Mandatory Adjudication
    • A judge must follow the laws set forth by the State of Florida. The laws require a mandatory adjudication on all DUI’s.
    • Be sure to consult an experienced DUI defense attorney to determine whether you have any defenses or mitigating factors that may justify a dismissal or a reduction in the charge.
  10. Victim Impact Panel – The victim impact panel is an awareness program that is required in the state of Florida.  For more information, go to www.madd.org

If you should have any questions about the penalties for a DUI or would simply like to discuss your case, feel free to contact our DUI defense lawyers at: 1-855-PSF-FIRM for a free case evaluation and consultation.