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What do I do if my Child was Injured by a Window Cord in Pinellas County?

Some product recalls make big headlines because of their dangerous nature. The major General Motors recall comes to mind where people driving GM cars got into accidents and suffered injuries as a result of a defective ignition switch. This has led to multiple lawsuits against the automobile manufacturing company. However, one dangerous product that does not get a lot of attention even though it is one of the most common household items is the window cord. While they may be unassuming in appearance, defective window cords can cause children to become entangled and cause strangulation.

Two families in Utah lost daughters because of this very problem. In a report done by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it was found that at least 140 children have died, 136 of who were strangled, from getting tangled in window cords between 1999 and 2011, averaging one child death per month because of a window cord accident. These tragic deaths have led to the formation of the nonprofit Parents for Window Blind Safety (PWBS), a group formed to raise awareness of the potential dangers defective window cords can cause to our children.

If you cannot afford to get cordless window fixtures installed in your home, you should consider moving all cribs, toy chests, beds, and any other easily accessible furniture away from low-hanging window cords to prevent the likelihood of your child becoming entangled. If your home has blinds that were manufactured before 2000, there may be a higher risk that you have the window cords that are prone to tangling children. If this is the case, the CPSC recommends calling the Window Covering Safety Council at 1-800-506-4636 for a free repair kit for those types of blinds.

If your child has been injured by a defective blind cord, you may be entitled to compensation by making a defective product liability claim.


  • Defectively manufactured products: this happens when a product is manufactured with a defect, meaning that the factory making it was negligent and the defective batch of products is completely different from the properly manufactured products.
  • Defectively designed products: this occurs when a product is designed in such a way that causes problems with the intended use of the product. The defect is not caused by the manufacturing of the product, all products will have the defect due to the design.
  • Failure to warn: this occurs when manufacturers fail to place a warning label on their product that alerts the consumer of the inherent dangers and risks the consumer will take when using the product. If the required warning is not placed on the product, it is considered “failure to warn.”


If your child was injured due to a defective window cord, you may eligible to compensation by filing a defective design product liability claim. This is because the window cord’s design allows it to easily be pulled down and formed into a loop, creating an extremely dangerous entanglement hazard to children who may not know better or be able to get themselves out of the situation once tangled.

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