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Cervical Spine Ligament Injury

The cervical spine consists of the upper seven vertebrae of the spine. The cervical spine’s main purpose is to keep the spinal cord in alignment so simple functions such as breathing, moving, and sense of feeling can occur normally within the body. Spinal ligaments are structures that actually hold the individual vertebrae of the spinal column in place. They serve to protect the vertebrae and spinal cord components.

A cervical spine ligamentous injury occurs after a trauma such as a motorcycle accident, when the spinal ligaments and bones deplete their ability to align normally between the vertebral segments while under any type of force or pressure. There are two classifications of the injury. The first is a strain, which occurs when the ligament is stretched, but not torn. Symptoms include minor pain and inflammation. The second is a tear, with more painful and severe symptoms. Normally X-rays and a physical exam will be conducted to detect any signs of a ligament injury. In some isolated cases, an MRI will also be ordered for a motorcycle accident victim with cervical spine injuries.

Depending on the injury, treatment options include medication to relieve pain, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, wearing a cervical collar or a halo vest to keep the head, neck, and shoulders stationary, and physical therapy. Untreated Instability of the cervical spine ligaments can lead to other injuries, chronic pain, or deformity and may require surgical procedures. Further injury to the bones may result in the spine or spinal cord if the neck is not thoroughly supported with a collar while the ligaments are in the healing stage. This is why it is extremely important to follow your physician’s orders and treatment plan.

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