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What You Must Bring to Your Initial Consultation

After an auto accident, most injury victims have an abundance of questions they need answered. Where is the best place to go? How can I make sure that I’m getting the help I need? Who do I see regarding my pain? The answer to all of these questions will likely be found in a free consultation with an experienced auto accident attorney. Once you’ve decided that you are going to meet with an attorney, preparing for the initial consultation is easy. First, decide which attorney you plan to meet; then, make sure to collect and bring with you all of the appropriate information that will assist the attorney in expediting the case.

A person’s decision to choose an attorney is personal and often based on a myriad of factors. But no matter who’s counsel you seek, the information that you bring to your initial consult is generally the same. First, make sure to bring along your driver’s license, your health and auto insurance cards, and a copy of your automobile insurance policy’s declaration page if you have it. Bringing these items and providing such to your attorney will streamline the first forty-eight hours of your case by allowing the law firm to set up your file with the necessary information.

Next, you should always bring a copy of the vehicle accident report that may have been provided to you by the investigating officer. I know that it seems presumptuous that you are going to call the police in the event of an accident, but in reality the involvement of law enforcement may be necessary to protect your property and your health in the event of a motor vehicle collision, no matter how minor. Always call the police to ensure that the other driver provides accurate insurance and personal contact information, and request a copy of the report. Bringing this report along to your initial consultation will provide your attorney with valuable information including: who the officer deemed to be at fault; who the other vehicle involved was owned by; who the other vehicle involved was being operated by; and what insurance carriers might be involved in any forthcoming legal action. Providing your attorney with this information during your initial consult will again help him or her to move your case through administrative steps as quickly as possible.

The last items that you should never forget to bring to your initial personal injury consultation are photographs, videos, and any eyewitness contact information that you gathered at the scene of the crash. Oftentimes an accident can be jarring and downright scary, but the truth is that you have to start collecting evidence as soon as the incident occurs. Taking pictures of your property damage and the damage to the other driver’s vehicle, and the roadway conditions surround the crash site will prove immensely beneficial in resolving your case. While video is much less prevalent than pictures of an accident are, with the advent of smartphones we have seen a steady increase in the number of plaintiffs who remembered to film the aftermath of their crash. Witness information can sometimes be even more important than visuals; a disinterested eye-witness can often be the difference between a finding of liability for or against you. Make sure that anyone who claims to have seen the crash provides either you or the investigating office, with their personal contact information.

These items are not an all-inclusive list of what you should bring with you to your initial Florida Accident Lawyer consultation. But make no mistake, your case will move significantly faster if you just remember to provide this short list of information at the initial consultation.

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