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Brain Injuries Abound and Former Players Seek Recourse Alleging the N.F.L. Could Have Done More

The National Football League (NFL) not only captures the attention of millions of Americans on the field, but in the courtroom as well. The NFL is facing several lawsuits alleging that repeated head trauma causes long-term injuries. The group of plaintiffs comprises hundreds of ex-NFL players and wives, including former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Brad Culpepper.

Brad Culpepper, currently a personal injury attorney in Tampa, played in the N.F.L. for a total of nine (9) years, five (5) of which he was a starter for the Bucs. He is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed this past Monday against the NFL, claiming they allegedly misrepresented and concealed the long term effects of head injuries and repeat trauma to the brain. Culpepper allegedly suffers from numerous neurological conditions related to multiple head injuries. Filed in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania, the suit states the NFL “produced industry-funded, biased research and advocacy that actively misrepresented that concussions and sub concussive head impacts do not present serious, life threatening risk.”  The science surrounding traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome is fluid and rapidly evolving. Thus, it will be interesting to see how this lawsuit plays out and whether the N.F.L. was truly aware of the long term consequences and prognosis for athlete suffering repeat trauma to the head.

Bob Lilly, Randy White, Rayfield Wright and numerous other former Dallas Cowboys filed a suit against the NFL on Tuesday in Houston, TX, accusing the league of concealing the links between concussions and permanent brain injury. These players named in the lawsuit suffer from issues ranging from short term memory loss to dementia that requires continuous medical care. The complaint claims the NFL engaged in “irresponsible and dangerous” activity by failing to investigate, inform and take rational action to alleviate the risks linked with multiple concussions. As a brain injury Attorney, it is my goal to keep you informed of the latest in both medical and legal news concerning this rapidly evolving area of the law.

The NFL has denied all claims and restated that according to the union agreements, the cases should be settled in closed-door arbitration. The NFL, last year, put in place a new protocol that requires team doctors to assess and monitor players after they sustain concussions during a game. The protocol became mandatory last season.

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