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Boxing and Trauma to the BrainThe Attorneys in Florida Known For Handling Brain Injury Cases Discuss New Research on Trauma to the Brain

This just in from a research center in Gothenburg Sweden…the sport of boxing often results in head trauma and permanent injury to the brain. Now, this may not be all that surprising. However, we are finally seeing results in the brain injury field concerning long term trauma to the brain from repeated impacts to the head. Concussions and nerve damage resulting from head trauma are very tricky to diagnose and potentially dangerous injuries. Varying symptoms associated with head injuries, means that a victim of a TBI can often go without proper diagnosis and treatment.

The latest information from Sweden, while initially not all that surprising, may result in some changes in the boxing community. Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy in cooperation with the Linköping University and the Swedish Boxing Federation have discovered that head trauma is a huge issue not only in professional boxing, but in amateur boxing as well. Now, the non-boxing fan may not know the difference between professional and amateur boxing, but the two sports have a huge number of variances.

A professional boxing match can go as many twelve rounds lasting three minutes each with fighters wearing only light boxing gloves as protective gear. Amateur boxing is much more cautious about protecting the competitors. Bouts last only three rounds and protective headgear, along with much bigger gloves are worn. Additionally, the scoring system in amateur boxing does not award fighters to go for the head cracking power punches that make professional boxing so exciting.

So what does all this mean? Simply put, no matter how precautious the organizers of boxing are, it may be inevitable that sport will cause head trauma and nerve damage to the participants. 80% of the participants in the Swedish study showed brain injury markers directly after a bout. And that’s no small thing, because amateur boxers will often fight several times in a matter of days. This means that it is likely that amateur fighters are sometimes squaring off while both competitors in the ring have brain injuries. That is indeed troubling and may stand for the proposition that the threshold for an impact to the head to cause a brain injury may not be as significant as once thought. As attorneys in Florida focusing on brain injury cases; Matthew Dolman and Bryan Hannan, regularly follow the latest issues and science concerning the causes, diagnosis and treatment of trauma to the brain. Not al personal injury attorneys in Florida have the knowledge, skills and resources to properly maximize the damages in a brain injury case.

It’s important to receive proper diagnosis and treatment when suffering from head trauma. Additional impact to the brain can compound the issue, especially when dealing with concussions. Nerve damage in the brain often leads to permanent impairments and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer ’s disease. Taking the necessary steps in dealing with this type of injury is essential to ensure that the dangers of permanent injury are minimized. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of a car accident or any negligence of another, contact Dolman Law Group at (727) 451-6900 for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Dolman Law Group is a Florida Traumatic Brain Injury law firm in Clearwater, Florida. The head trauma attorneys at Dolman Law Group are well versed in handling claims and cases involving post concussion syndrome, TBI and related neurological difficulties.

Matthew A. Dolman, Esq., is a head trauma attorney in Florida and focuses on civil trial practice and personal injury law. Additionally Matt takes a special interest in claims regarding closed head trauma and TBI as well as victims of drunk driving.