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March 6, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman

Clergy members are in a position of trust and their members rely on them to uphold it. But unscrupulous pastors, priests, rabbis, imams, and other clergy members may take advantage of the power they hold. Being a victim of clergy abuse can leave you with long-term emotional scars. An example of such long-lasting effects is the inability to trust other people and have healthy relationships.

If you have been a victim of clergy abuse, we understand that it can be challenging to take the step and seek justice. We can help you through this vulnerable time. You deserve to see the responsible party brought to justice. A Boston clergy abuse lawyer can help you get justice. Seeing the defendant held accountable can help your healing process.

Statute of Limitations for a Clergy Abuse Case in Boston

As a survivor of clergy abuse, there are various legal options you can pursue. A lawyer can inform you of the available options. By having help along the way, the legal process can be less burdensome. You should, however, be aware that states place a timeframe for you to bring a case.

In Massachusetts, under MGL c. 260 § 4C, you can bring a civil case against the defendant for the sexual assault of a minor. In such a case, you have 35 years to bring the civil action. Or, you have seven years from the time the victim found out or reasonably should have found out that the abuse had an impact. This impact could be emotional or psychological.

But the time limit does not start counting until the child reaches 18. The regulations are different for a criminal case. For a criminal case, there are no time restrictions to pursue criminal charges for the sexual or other abuse of a child. A child in this case is defined as someone under 18 years. A Boston personal injury lawyer can ensure that you bring your case within the required timeframe.

How a Boston Clergy Abuse Attorney Can Help

We understand that seeking justice for sexual abuse by a clergy member is a deeply personal decision. When you do make the choice to seek legal recourse, we will be ready to help you file a civil and/or criminal case. If the court finds the defendant guilty in a criminal case, they may face a prison sentence. For criminal cases, you can only obtain monetary compensation if the court rules it.  

But if the perpetrator is found guilty in a civil case, they will have to pay restitution to you, the survivor. The compensation they will have to pay will cover the damages you suffered as a result of their misconduct. Your clergy abuse attorney will give you a detailed explanation of what civil and criminal cases entail. Then, with their help, you can make an informed choice on which one you want to pursue.

Laws keep changing. Your attorney is likely up to date with new developments in sexual abuse laws in Boston. Some of these laws will make it easier for you to file a case and attain justice against the clergy member. Your lawyer can inform you if there are new laws that can help your case. The attorney can also help you build a strong case that will hold up in court. They can also advise you throughout the process of seeking restitution.

Hiring a Clergy Abuse Attorney

In the aftermath of clergy abuse, you may want to hire a lawyer to help you seek justice. To choose a clergy abuse attorney that is right for you, you can take some factors into consideration. You can start by looking for an attorney with whom you feel safe sharing your experiences. At the Dolman Law Group, we know that this can be an overwhelming time.

So, we take care to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible when sharing your story. You control the proceedings of your case. To ensure this we provide you will all the necessary information to help you make your choice. Working with an attorney who has handled other similar cases can increase your confidence in them. We have a history of helping other clients. Our case results demonstrate this. No lawyer can assure you of how your case will turn out.

However, we will fight for justice in your case the best we can. Good communication is a key factor in creating a good working relationship between you and your clergy abuse lawyer. We will share information about your case with you. Keeping you updated will ensure that you can relax knowing that someone is working on the case on your behalf.

We Can Answer All Your Questions

You might feel hesitant about coming out to pursue legal action against the crooked clergy member. We understand that. You may be reluctant to do so because you do not know what legal action will entail exactly. At the Dolman Law Group, our clergy abuse lawyers can answer all your questions to help you make a decision. There are benefits to bringing a case against the perpetrator.

By filing a case, you make the defendants' crimes known and therefore protect others who may have fallen victim. You also get to hold the defendant accountable for their ill actions. We can help you achieve all that by helping you bring a case.

Working With a Boston Clergy Abuse Lawyer

It takes immense courage to make the choice to speak about clergy abuse and we celebrate you for it. We can help you in the journey that follows to attain justice. We will use our legal knowledge to advocate for your rights. Contact Dolman Law Group today.

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