What Not to Say at the Scene of a Car Accident

August 15, 2020 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
What Not to Say at the Scene of a Car Accident

Don't Say This After Your Car Accident

Getting involved in a car accident is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. You can be doing everything right behind the wheel only to end up having another vehicle crash into yours causing significant damage to your vehicle and yourself. Dealing with an accident is an ordeal, to say the least. There's the matter of your injuries, the interference it causes with your life and the worry of the financial implications. One aspect of an accident's aftermath that most people are justifiably loath to engage in is speaking to the other party involved, especially if they caused the accident. This is actually an integral part of any later attempts to seek compensation for car accident injury damages since anything you say or do can be referenced later on by the insurance company. This is why you should be very mindful of what you say and avoid certain phrases and words that may negatively affect a later claim. 

What Should I Say After Being Involved in a Car Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, the first priority you should have is your own personal health and safety. After that, you should attempt to make sure that you lend any needed assistance to others involved that may be harmed. Call for help and help someone as long as it does not put yourself in any unnecessary danger. When it comes to what to say to the other person, only speak about what is absolutely necessary which will be the exchanging of insurance and personal information and nothing else. It may seem terse and cold but it is much better to appear this way and not risk saying something that may negatively affect a potential car accident injury claim rather than engage in unnecessary conversation and make a mistake. 

What You Should Not Say After A Car Accident 

One of the easiest ways you can end up harming a car accident injury claim's chances at success is by saying something at the accident scene that may inadvertently be taken as an admission of fault. While this may seem like a stretch it is actually more common than one may think and gives car accident lawyers headaches across the country. 

Do Not Apologize After a Car Accident and Say “I'm Sorry”

Apologizing can be an automatic reaction for many people despite them not being at-fault for something whatsoever. Remember that if the other person is at-fault for the accident you have no reason to be sorry whatsoever. Apologizing can be considered an admission of fault and guilt over what happened by the insurance company you may have to deal with down the line. If you didn't contribute any fault to the accident occurring then what do you have to be sorry for?

Don't Say The Accident Was Your Fault

This seems like an obvious thing to not do but many people in the aftermath of an accident will accidentally blurt out to the other driver that the car accident was their fault. This happens regardless of who was actually at fault since some people say things like this out of anxiety and an attempt to be cordial or nice. You just got into an accident because of another person. You don't owe them anything and yes the situation may be a bit awkward but be mindful of any words you may say to try and ease tension like saying you contributed fault in any way.

Do Not Say That You are Okay

Another common phrase that people will say after an accident is “I'm okay” or “I'm Fine” or something else along those lines. Saying this can create problems down the line for a potential claim since it can be construed as you stating that you are not injured.  Many people that are involved in car accidents may not immediately know that they are injured and many serious injuries can end up taking a bit of time to display symptoms. Injuries like whiplash can occur and cause serious problems down the line when the pain starts to set in after a period of either several hours or even a day. Adrenaline commonly masks the symptoms of injuries like this when your body responds to extreme situations like a car accident.

Do Not Speculate About the Accident

When you are talking to someone after being involved in a car accident it is important that you do not try to speculate about what exactly caused the accident or the conditions that contributed to the accident. When you make speculations about an accident at the scene, your statements can be used to create a different narrative of what actually happened or they can be used to portray you as at-fault. It is best to leave the speculation to the insurance adjusters and experts when your accident is investigated as a part of your claim. 

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