Common Types of Bradenton Truck Accidents

November 30, 2021 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Common Types of Bradenton Truck Accidents

8 Deadly Florida Truck Accident Types

Semi-truck accidents are some of the most dangerous events that can occur on the road in Bradenton, Florida. One could go as far as saying they are possibly the most dangerous type of motor vehicle accident that can occur. Commercial vehicles like semi-trucks have a propensity for immense size and weight but semi-trucks, or tractor-trailers as they are also known as, take matters to another level. The average semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and its trailer can stretch to 53 feet or sometimes longer. These dimensions create a very dangerous object that can easily crush and kill anything in its path should something go wrong. Some of the most common ways this can happen include the following. 

Tractor-Trailer Rollover Accidents

There are certain instances where the immense bulk of a semi-truck loses control in a way that leads it to literally rollover. Suffice to say that when a vehicle of this size and weight does something like this the result is widespread destruction. Semi-trucks have a hard time managing the weight and bulk of a trailer and something as simple as braking or turning incorrectly can cause the momentum of a trailer to topple itself over and take the rest of the vehicle with it. When this happens, several cars that are sharing the road around a truck can end up being crushed underneath it and other vehicles can end up crashing into the wreckage of a rolled over truck as well creating a pileup.

Underride Semi-Truck Accidents

There is a space underneath the trailer of a semi-truck that can present a serious hazard for other vehicles. In many cases, this space between the underbelly of a truck trailer and the road is just large enough to fit a car or at least part of one within it. Cars sometimes can be wedged in this under space in what are known as underride accidents. A truck can try to switch lanes and accidentally catch a car in this space where it can become wedged and drug beneath the trailer or it can be crushed and ran over entirely to catastrophic effect

Semi-Truck Tire Blowouts 

A tire blowout on a regular motor vehicle has the potential to be fairly destructive but tire blowouts on semi-trucks are especially dangerous. Semi-trucks will usually have eight tires but despite their plentifulness, one popping can have disastrous effects. A semi-truck driver can easily lose control of their vehicle and cause an accident if a tire blows out because each one plays a very important role in supporting the immense size and weight of the vehicle. With smaller vehicles, there is a jerking motion in the direction of a blown tire since the support on that part of the vehicle gives out. This jerking motion is intensified with semi-trucks due to the increased weight the tire is supporting. Even just the debris from a blown-out tire can be dangerous and cause an accident if it impacts a car.

Bradenton Jackknife Accidents

Jackknifing is a phenomenon unique to vehicles with trailers such as semi-trucks. The point where the trailer is hitched to the truck cab swivels and allows the trailer to follow the turning of the truck fluidly. While this allows for more maneuverability, it can also be a curse since sometimes a semi-truck trailer can skid out of control and swing out sideways from behind the cab. The momentum of a truck trailer can be intense since it is hauling so much weight so when a semi-truck brakes too hard, turn's improperly, or maneuvers poorly at high-speed, then the momentum of a tailor can carry it past the cab in a wrapping motion similar to a jackknife closing hence the name. Cars are easily hit by jackknifing trailers that can take up several lanes of the road. 

Lost Load Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks haul massive amounts of products and goods across the country however their cargo also has the potential to cause dangerous accidents. Semi-trucks can haul everything from lumber to food to unstable chemicals. These can all end up becoming dangerous debris and road hazards should they fall from a truck's trailer.  In other cases, a truck's load can cause an accident because it shifts around the trailer affecting the balance. Improperly loaded trucks are very dangerous since the shifting of weight can tip a truck over and in other cases cause difficulties maneuvering.

Head-On Truck Collisions

Possibly the worst type of truck accident is the head-on collision since it can involve the most direct intense forces of any kind of accident. This kind of collision consists of a semi-truck colliding front-first with the front of another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. The force of all the truck's weight and speed colliding with another object moving at high speed in the opposite direction is especially violent and fatalities are very common.

Tractor Trailer Rear-End Collisions

Semi-trucks have to take much longer and farther to come to a complete stop. Their momentum carries them farther than smaller vehicles and drivers have to be careful not to break too hard too quickly or they could possibly jackknife. Sometimes a truck can misjudge their stopping distance and hit the car in front of them from behind in what is known as a rear-end accident

Wide Turn Semi-Truck Accidents

Trucks need to take their turns much more carefully than other vehicles. Their trailers need to wrap around the entirety of the turn which means that truckers need to take turns extra wide. Turning a semi-truck also can increase the risk of the trailer tipping since the force of moving to the side can shift a trailer's weight to make it roll over or jackknife.

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