Tips For Pedestrian Safety

July 24, 2018 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Tips For Pedestrian Safety

Follow these Safety Tips to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian

Even during the winter holidays, New Port Richey residents can take to the outdoors thanks to Florida's beautiful weather. However, with more people out and about, the number of pedestrians increases as does the risk of pedestrian-involved accidents.  Each year, pedestrians are either injured or killed in potentially avoidable accidents. However, pedestrians can do simple things to stay safe.

Simple Tips to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Some of those simple things to keep safe as a pedestrian  include the following:

Increase Your Pedestrian Visibility to Drivers

Pedestrians should make an effort to make themselves seen by drivers. Pedestrians can make small changes to their wardrobes, especially at night, in order to increase visibility. For example, pedestrians can wear bright colored clothing or clothing with reflective materials. The bright colored clothing helps the pedestrian stand out while reflective material helps indicate their presence in the night. Pedestrians can also carry a flashlight while walking at night. A flashlight both helps illuminate the pedestrian's path and it indicates the pedestrian's presence to drivers. Pedestrians can also implement simple and intelligent practices into their routines to become more visible to drivers. Pedestrians should cross streets at marked intersections and crosswalks. These designated crosswalks have signage alerting drivers of potential pedestrians. Moreover, these crosswalks tend to be well-lit at night. A pedestrian crossing at an unmarked intersection should always seek to cross in a well-lit area. Pedestrians should also walk in areas where a driver's view of them is not obstructed by obstacles.

Pedestrians Should Avoid Dangerous Behaviors

In addition to being proactively visible, pedestrians should avoid dangerous behaviors when walking. First and foremost, pedestrians should always walk on sidewalks. Still, not all streets have sidewalks, and pedestrians may be forced to walk on the street or shoulder as a result. In this situation, a pedestrian should always walk facing traffic. Facing traffic allows the driver to more easily see the pedestrian. Facing traffic also allows the pedestrian to see oncoming traffic and be able to react accordingly when necessary. Never assume you are one hundred percent safe whenever walking. Believing that all drivers will follow laws is misguided thinking. Instead, pedestrians should be careful and not rely solely on signage. Look both ways before crossing the road. Make sure that drivers come to a complete before crossing the street. Avoiding jaywalking or crossing the street without the right of way.

Pedestrian Awareness is Key to Avoiding Accidents

Finally, pedestrians should always remain aware of their behavior. Failing to remain vigilant can lead to accidents and injuries.
  • Follow all signage - Traffic signals exist in part to keep pedestrians safe. Do not cross the street when the signal indicates "Do Not Walk."
  • Look both ways before crossing a street - Traffic often travels in both directions. Traffic may be coming from one direction but not the other. Failing to look both ways can cause a pedestrian to be struck. It is imperative that pedestrians anticipate vehicles turning, as well.
  • Listen for traffic - Pedestrians may not always see oncoming traffic. Pedestrians may be able to hear oncoming traffic before they see it. Distractions such as listening to music or talking on the phone while walking limit a pedestrian's ability to hear traffic.
  • Remain vigilant - It has become practice for many to be buried in their smartphones. Distractions put pedestrians at risk of failing to follow traffic signals or account for drivers, or even of falling in the street.

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