Fatal Texas Truck Accident Caused by Loose Tire

April 17, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Fatal Texas Truck Accident Caused by Loose Tire

On April 13th, 2023, a semi-truck traveling eastbound on the Katy Freeway in Texas lost a tire, which launched into a nearby vehicle traveling opposite in the westbound lane. The impact of the tire demolished the passenger side of the KIA SUV and killed the occupant while leaving the driver alive with only minor injuries.

The truck driver did not stop or crash, leading investigators to believe that a spare tire fell off the rig unbeknownst to the driver. This serves as an example of the potential catastrophic damage a truck can inflict on passenger vehicles and other road users which in this case did not even require the truck to crash.

If you have been injured in a Florida truck accident you may be entitled to recover compensation for damages such as medical bills, reduced earning capacity, and loss of quality of life. The truck accident lawyers of Dolman Law Group have been helping injured clients navigate the personal injury claims process for over a decade with great success. Our team is available for a free consultation to review the facts of your case, estimate the value of your damages, and explain the process of filing a truck accident claim.

Truck Accidents Often Result in Serious Injuries for Other Road Users

While the injured party may be able to recover compensation for their damages in a truck accident lawsuit, many victims are left with permanent injuries. The size discrepancy between a semi-truck and the average passenger vehicle has historically resulted in serious, disabling, or fatal injuries for the occupants of the passenger car. There are approximately 4,600 fatal truck accidents each year in the U.S., with over 180,000 injuries related to truck accidents.

As evidenced by the deadly truck accident in Texas, semi-trucks can cause serious damage even when the truck doesn’t collide with the passenger vehicle. In cases where the occupants of the passenger car survive, they may sustain severe injuries, such as:

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should seek medical help immediately even if you perceive your injuries to be minor. A medical provider will be able to determine the appropriate treatment for your injuries and prevent further damage. Also, this protects the validity of your claim. Representatives for the defendant won’t be able to say that you delayed seeking medical care because you exaggerated your injuries or you intentionally let your injuries worsen to secure a larger settlement in your truck accident claim.

Recovering Damages in a Truck Accident Lawsuit

Plaintiffs in a truck accident claim can seek compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. In many cases, truck accident plaintiffs sustain financial harm as a result of their injuries, which can be recovered in the form of economic damages. Additionally, many people suffer from intangible costs related to their truck accident injuries, which can be compensated with non-economic damages.

Examples of Damages in a Truck Accident Lawsuit:

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should be aware of the Florida statute of limitations for truck accident claims, which gives potential plaintiffs four years to file a personal injury claim, in most cases. Delaying filing a truck accident claim could compromise your ability to recover the compensation you need, evidence can be lost or deteriorate over time and eyewitnesses’ memories may fade. To ensure that you are compensated fairly for your damages, you should seek out a truck accident lawyer to help you calculate the value of your losses. 

Determining Liability in a Florida Truck Accident

Ascertaining who was at fault in a truck accident claim is often a more complex process than establishing liability in a car accident claim. To use the example of the Texas truck accident, the liability will be traced back to whoever is responsible for the spree tire falling off the truck. This could be one of several parties. 

For example, maybe the manufacturer of the tire or the apparatus securing the tire was negligent and created a defective product. Alternatively, if whoever secured the spare tire to the rig failed to properly attach the tire they could be found at fault. If the truck driver’s reckless maneuvering led the spare tire to detach, the truck driver could be held accountable. 

The best way to determine the negligent party is to involve a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. They will have the expertise necessary to determine who is legally responsible for your damages, especially if the case involves multiple negligent parties.

Why Should I Choose Dolman Law Group to Represent Me?

Truck accident claims are notoriously difficult to negotiate, which is why you can’t afford to hire an inexperienced or unreliable team of personal injury attorneys. The truck accident lawyers of Dolman Law Group are accomplished and proven advocates who will work tirelessly to secure a fair settlement on your behalf. Our team has a history of maximizing compensation for our injured clients.

We have committed ourselves to providing outstanding service no matter the size of the claim. As our former clients will attest, we have distinguished ourselves as personal injury lawyers by being detail-oriented, results-driven negotiators. At Dolman Law Group, we will meticulously investigate your truck accident to establish liability and thoroughly document the damages you have sustained.

In a truck accident lawsuit, you may be dealing with multiple defendants, which can interfere with your ability to settle your claim quickly. The trustworthy truck accident attorneys of Dolman Law Group have handled numerous claims involving multiple negligent parties, so we are familiar with the process of establishing liability and maximizing compensation in a truck accident claim.

Contact Dolman Law Group For Help With Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

In the aftermath of a truck accident, you may be struggling to physically recover from your injuries, take on responsibilities at home, get your career back on track, or deal with the emotional fallout of the accident. These losses are deserving of recognition. The truck accident attorneys of Dolman Law Group have the negotiating skills, experience, and resources to settle your claim for the maximum compensation possible.

At Dolman Law Group, you can rest assured that our team of personal injury lawyers will give your claim the attention it deserves. We won’t hesitate to take your truck accident lawsuit to court if the defendant refuses to offer a fair settlement that accurately reflects the extent of your damages.

We encourage you to reach out to our team today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the benefits of our services. The truck accident lawyers of Dolman Law Group will unapologetically negotiate for maximum compensation while you focus on healing from your injuries. You can rely on our team to champion your best interests in a truck accident lawsuit.


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