Should I Hire a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney?

April 27, 2023 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Should I Hire a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are a personal injury victim, you may wonder how and when you might need a lawyer to help you. Personal injuries are far too common, and a victim can incur significant medical bills, repair costs, and other expenses, in addition to suffering an injury that can keep you away from work and interrupt your earnings.

Unfortunately, no one anticipates becoming a personal injury victim, and many victims are unprepared for the negative impacts an unexpected injury can have on their life.

Living in Clearwater, you may face daily risks as you go about your business around town and the area. Whether you drive to Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach, visit a local event or festival with friends, or go shopping at your neighborhood stores like Publix or Costco, you could encounter a dangerous situation that results in you suffering painful injuries.

If you suffer an injury in Clearwater that you believe is due to the negligence of another party, you may be eligible for compensation. A Clearwater personal injury attorney can help you understand your rights after an injury and what you should do moving forward after an accident.

Why Might You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater?

While you might need a lawyer for a wide range of legal issues that can come up routinely throughout your life, a Clearwater personal injury attorney is for cases that involve negligence.

Any time an act of negligence leads to an injury of an innocent victim, there is a potential claim for damages available for the victim against the party responsible. Often, personal injury victims may not understand their rights to pursue compensation under the law and may not know they can hire a lawyer to help them with their case.

Should I Hire a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney?

Types of Cases a Personal Injury Attorney May Handle

Personal injury attorneys can have preferences for cases they will accept, but essentially they can represent clients that are victims of injury resulting in damages and losses. The role of a personal injury attorney is to help their client pursue monetary compensation to pay for the medical bills and damages they may incur.

For example, a personal injury lawyer can file lawsuits to hold the parties at fault for your injuries accountable. They can also help victims file and negotiate an insurance claim arising from the personal injury matter.

If you sustain an injury and are unsure whether you may qualify for compensation or have a valid claim for damages, contact a personal injury attorney for a free consultation to discuss your case.

A personal injury lawyer can explain how personal injury law works and your rights.

A personal injury lawyer can help a victim with:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Semi-truck or large truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Rideshare accidents
  • Injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Boating accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Nursing home neglect or abuse
  • Slip and fall
  • Premises liability cases
  • Defective products
  • Workplace injuries
  • Mass tort cases

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help a Victim of Personal Injury?

Your lawyer’s role in a Clearwater personal injury case can impact the outcome of your claim and the money you may receive through a settlement or verdict. Each personal injury case is different and has unique challenges to work through. A personal injury lawyer offers many benefits to a client as they represent you in a personal injury matter and help you reach a resolution.

Communicate With Parties in Your Case

After an injury, it can surprise a personal injury victim how frequently an insurer, medical collector, or other interested parties can contact you and try to discuss your claim and case.

Knowing who you should talk to and what you should say can be a cause of stress, as what you say and do can ultimately affect the outcome of your case, including whether you receive compensation and how much.

A personal injury attorney can ease those stresses, burdens, and uncertainties. When you hire a lawyer, they can immediately take over your case. Your lawyer can intercept all phone calls and messages to you as the case’s intermediary and point person. Any time you receive a call or inquiry about your personal injury matter, you may immediately refer them to your lawyer’s office and allow your legal team to handle the situation for you.

Investigate a Personal Injury Accident

As the victim of a personal injury accident, you may have a unique perspective on how the accident occurred and how you sustained your injuries. However, a victim may not know all of the factors can play a part in a personal injury incident.

Whether it is because certain events occurred in the moments before your injury or you were unconscious or preoccupied with your injuries, information and details surrounding your accident can affect the case and prove the other party’s negligence.

A lawyer representing you in a personal injury matter can investigate an accident and access and collect evidence to help build your case and prove the fault for the accident and your injuries.

Discover What Parties May Be Liable for Your Damages

As a lawyer investigates your accident and works through the evidence in your case, they can also look to discover who is liable for your resulting damages. Although an at-fault party is often responsible for the damages they cause in a personal injury case, there might be others with liability for your losses.

For example, suppose there are multiple parties involved in a crash. In that case, multiple parties may share the liability to a victim. In the case of an employee on the job who injures a victim, the employer may also be liable for the damages.

Your lawyer may look at the individuals that caused your injuries and other relationships that existed at the time of the accident that may reveal additional liability to you in your case.

Help You Calculate Your Damages

Part of filing a claim for damages following a personal injury is figuring out your damages. Damage calculations may seem relatively straightforward, but they are not, and it is more challenging than it seems to make sure you account for all of your losses in an injury case. Remember that when you accept a settlement from an insurer, that act closes a claim, and you cannot go back and ask for more money if you later realize your losses and expenses will be higher than you anticipated.

A personal injury lawyer can work hard to ensure they maximize your damages and include all losses you may incur in the future. Losses such as pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and income losses are challenging to estimate. Still, they can make a significant difference in the amount of compensation you can receive in your case.

Your lawyer can help you with these difficult damage calculations and include all other damages you may incur due to your accident injuries, including medical bills, income-related losses, pain and suffering, and, in some cases, even property damage arising from the same incident.

Prepare and File an Insurance Claim on Your Behalf

Most people may think an attorney is only necessary when things do not go your way in an insurance claim. Often, a victim may not seek out the help of a personal injury lawyer until the moment an insurer denies a claim or makes a settlement offer far below anything they expected. While you can hire a lawyer when things go wrong, you can avoid those delays and complications if you hire a lawyer before it occurs.

Don’t just hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit. If you hire a lawyer to help you through an insurance claim, you may avoid a lawsuit and reach a satisfactory settlement with the insurer. A personal injury lawyer can prepare and file an injury-related insurance claim on your behalf and represent you early on in the claims process.

Advise You Throughout the Process, Including if You May Need to File a Lawsuit

An attorney serves as your legal counsel and guide throughout the process of seeking compensation arising from a personal injury incident. The process can take time depending on your case and the extent of injuries and damages involved.

When you hire a lawyer, they can represent you each step of the way. From the inception of your case and management of the parties to calculating your losses and negotiations with the insurer, your lawyer’s efforts on your behalf continue until you reach a resolution.

Not all cases will resolve easily; some cases may not reach a settlement agreement outside of court. However, even in those cases, a lawyer can continue representing your interests during the next steps. Sometimes, the next steps involve going to court and through a trial. A personal injury lawyer can build your case for trial and prepare for it from the get-go should it become necessary.

How Can You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater?

How Can You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Clearwater?

Now that you understand how a lawyer can help with your case after a Clearwater personal injury, you may want to know how to hire one that is right for you. Finding a personal injury lawyer in Clearwater is relatively easy, but finding one that is right for you and your case can take some effort and time to make the right choice. You need to find a professional personal injury attorney with a proven track record, an established practice, and the experience and knowledge that can benefit your case.

Call for a Free Case Consultation

Unlike in many other areas of the law, personal injury lawyers often offer free case consultation for personal injury victims. Find a Clearwater personal injury lawyer and schedule a free case consultation. A consultation is an opportunity to get to know the law firm and determine whether they are the right fit for your case. A personal injury lawyer also uses an initial consultation for their benefit to help them decide whether they can take your case and how they may be able to assist you.

Use Your Consultation to Gain as Much Insight as Possible

When a personal injury occurs, many questions will likely be on your mind as you navigate how you will get compensation for your damages. During the initial consultation, go over as many questions as you can. While a lawyer may not be able to answer all of your questions, you may gain some valuable insight into the attorney’s approach to handling your personal injury case and whether they can take you on as a client.

How Much Will You Need to Pay to Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer?

The most common concern amongst Clearwater injury victims regarding a lawyer is how much it will impact them financially and how much they will need to pay upfront to hire a personal injury lawyer to take their case.

Personal injury lawyers most often work on a contingency fee arrangement. Under this payment arrangement, a victim does not need to pay anything at the outset of their representation to their personal injury attorney. Under a contingency fee, clients will only pay their attorney’s fees if and when the case settles or reaches a verdict for compensation.

How Soon Can a Lawyer Represent You in a Personal Injury Case?

There is no waiting period necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is in your best interest. Personal injury attorneys want to get ahead when possible to provide the best representation, and getting an early start and preparation on your behalf can only help your case. Contact a Clearwater personal injury attorney for a free consultation in your case.


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