Rehab Treatment for Paralyzed High School Athlete Brings Hope

September 10, 2018 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Rehab Treatment for Paralyzed High School Athlete Brings Hope

High School Athlete's Life Altering Injury Receives Optimistic Treatment

A new source of optimism and hope has now been afforded to a former high school athlete who received a life altering sports injury. High school junior Wilben Morrisaint was left paralyzed by an injury sustained during a Blanche Ely High School football game that left him with a severely injured neck on August 24th. The doctors at Broward Health North in Deerfield Beach worked tirelessly for four hours, operating on the young man to give him a chance at recuperation. The sports accident occurred right at kickoff of the game where the young Morisaint was hit in a tragic sports accident that broke his neck that paralyzed him instantly. His C3, 4, and 5 vertebrae in his neck were severely damaged by the hit rendering Morrisaint unable to move. Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Foltz stated “We give him less than a 50 percent chance to be able to get up and walk again but I'm not gonna tell him he can't. I don't know. I told him if God touched him, he would walk in a minute, but medically speaking, he's going to require weeks and months of very difficult rehabilitation.” Morrisaint's chances at possibly regaining some of his movement have increased thanks to the efforts of his attending physicians and circle of support from friends that have managed to secure him a place at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia with one of the best paralysis rehabilitation facilities.

Neck and Spine Injuries can Change Your Life

The story if Wilben Morrisaint and his severe neck injury should serve as a testament to how dramatically a single injury to the neck or spine can alter the course of someone's life. Wilben's injury occurred in the blink of an eye and paralyzed him. He will likely never play football again and require assistance with his movement to varying degrees depending on how his rehabilitation goes. The worst case scenario is that he suffers a complication of some kind that causes him to become fully paralyzed and the best case scenario is that rehabilitation and physical therapy will allow him to regain some movement. However, even in the best case scenario where Wilben regains some movement, he will likely never be able to regain the full range of movement that allowed him to play football or any physically demanding activity.

Neck and Spine Injury Disability

When someone suffers and injury to their spine or neck like Wilben Morrisaint, they run the risk of suffering from complications that can disable them for the rest of their life. These disabilities can go from limitations on the range of movement to full paralysis. When someone is disabled by these injuries, they have to cope with the new limitations imposed by the disability for the rest of their life. They will likely face bigger obstacles when it comes to seeking employment, transportation, general quality of life, etc. All these things don't become apparent until you lose your ability to move with the same freedom you are used to. These disabilities often take a massive financial toll. Medical expenses not only for the treatment of the injury but also for physical therapy and medication that helps manage pain or symptoms can add up to incredibly high amounts. The loss of wages during treatment and of course the possible loss of career caused by a neck/spine injury disability result in massive loss in earning potential. These financial strains can all be compensated in the event that your injury was caused by the negligence of a liable party.

Common Causes of Neck and Spine Injury

Car Accidents: In an automotive accident, the injuries that can potentially be suffered rank among some of the debilitating possible. High speed vehicle collisions can exert massive forces on the neck and spine in the form of whiplash as well as simple trauma that can break and shatter vertebrae. Certain kinds of accidents are potentially more damaging than simple passenger car collisions. Truck accidents can be the most destructive accident on the road. Semi-trucks with 18 wheels hauling over 80,000 pounds of freight can lose control and collide with a car resulting in serious injury that can possibly be directed at the spine and neck among other places. Motorcycle accidents can also result in immense injury due to the lack of protection offered by the exposed position while riding the motorcycle. Slip and Fall Accidents: Sometimes when the owner of a property is negligent and leaves fall hazards exposed, a person may be injured by slipping on said fall or slip hazard. Many times when people fall they can end up on their back or land in a way that can damage their neck. A spine can suffer vertebrae damage or the spinal cord itself could sustain damage. Bicycle Accidents: When people ride bicycles, they are usually exposed to very dangerous vectors of injury in the form of road hazards and vehicles that can have them thrown of their bike or impact them producing trauma to the head or neck. When helmets are not worn, the chance for serious injury to the neck also greatly increases along with the increase of chance for damage to the head and brain. Pedestrian Accidents: The same goes for pedestrian accidents. Human bodies can sustain enormous damage from a variety of vectors like cars that can cause serious spine and neck injury.

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