Florida RV Accident Lawsuits

January 17, 2021 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Florida RV Accident Lawsuits

Filing a Lawsuit Over RV Accident Injuries

Florida is one of the most popular destinations for tourists across the United States and outside the country. Our warm climate, sunny, beaches, and vast array of tourist attractions make the state a very attractive destination not only for those wishing to vacation here but winter here as well. Florida sees millions of visitors arrive from out of state that stay for the entirety of the winter months. These snowbirds as they are colloquially known come down in droves in recreational vehicles also known as RVs that have the potential to inflict a massive amount of damage should they be involved in a car accident. 

Florida RV Accidents

Like any other motor vehicle you may encounter on the road, an RV is susceptible to accidents that can injure anyone involved but unlike smaller motor-vehicles, an RV can cause significantly more damage.  An RV in most cases is a vehicle designed specifically to provide the shelter and amenities that one would expect from a very small home on the mobile platform of a motor vehicle. As a consequence, these vehicles are generally much larger than pretty much any other passenger vehicle and are comparable to commercial vehicles in terms of size and sometimes weight. So when one of these recreational vehicles crashes head-on into a smaller car then the damage is much more extensive.

Why RVs are so Dangerous

Commercial vehicles crash into smaller cars all the time and they are well-known dangers but the RV represents a unique threat to Florida drivers. Semi-trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles are especially difficult to drive because of their immense size and weight. An RV is comparable to these large vehicles in terms of size and weight thus also making it a more difficult vehicle to drive but the real problem is the regulation of who drives these vehicles. 

Commercial Driver's Licenses and RV Usage

In order to drive a large vehicle like a commercial tractor-trailer or a bus, you must obtain a CDL or commercial driver's license. This license ensures that you have been tested on the necessary skills needed to safely operate certain large vehicles. Getting a CDL typically takes extensive training and paperwork so that the chance of these very destructive vehicles getting in an accident is reduced.  Despite their immense size and weight, RVs do not require their driver to have a CDL let alone any specialized certification or training to operate them. This creates a dangerous situation for many people on the road when people that have no idea what they are doing get behind the wheel of an RV to make reckless and negligent decisions. 

RV Driving Difficulty and Mistakes That Cause Accidents

Extra-large vehicles take more effort to drive safely. When it comes to increased weight and size, maneuvers that are fairly simple with a smaller vehicle become all the more difficult and complex. The following are some common issues that arise because of this difficulty and cause accidents. 

RV Rear-End Accidents

For example, braking. The more a vehicle weighs, the more difficult it is to stop it after it gets to moving at higher speeds. The inertia generated by an RV can cause it to have significantly longer brake distances compared to smaller vehicles. This often leads to rear-end accidents where an RV slams into the back of a car in front of it because it is unable to stop in time. 

RV Rollover Accidents

The weight of the RV can also make it dangerous to turn sharply and switch lanes since the RV can easily rock and tilt to the point of rolling over. When an RV turns the momentum of the RV moving forward continues on with the rear of the vehicle. The front of the vehicle turns but the back wants to keep going forward which can dangerously tilt the vehicle since the dimensions of an RV are generally very blocky and nonaerodynamic. The RV can then rollover causing a severe accident where either it rolls onto another vehicle and crushes it or the rolling truck becomes a dangerous piece of debris that can collide with other vehicles. 

RV Blindspot Accidents

The large size of the vehicle also creates very large blind spots for drivers to lose sight of other vehicles in. The length of the RV, as well as driver height, creates blind spots at the close right and left sides and the immediate rear of the RV. Blindspots like these can cause lane switching accidents where the driver of an RV collides with another vehicle that clips into a blindspot. 

RV Overloading

Since recreational vehicles are not beholden to the same regulations as commercial vehicles they not only do not require a CDL to drive but they also do not have to worry about the same weight limits that other large motor vehicles are checked for. RVs are a common vehicle for many snowbirds coming down to Florida and they are sometimes overloaded to the point of danger with a snowbird's belongings. This not only makes for a much more dangerous vehicle to crash into but also makes an RV more difficult to handle when behind the wheel.

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