What Is Diffuse Axonal Injury?

June 10, 2015 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
What Is Diffuse Axonal Injury? One of the most common forms of traumatic brain injury is diffuse axonal injury (DAI). It does not occur from a blow to the brain but from the brain moving back and forth at a high speed within the skull. The sudden acceleration or deceleration of the brain can cause damage over a widespread or “diffuse” area. Although it occurs in varying degrees of severity, it is a leading cause of death involving traumatic brain injury. Diffuse axonal injury is common as the result of car and motorcycle accident, shaken baby syndrome, falls and sports. When the brain suddenly accelerates or decelerates within the skull the part of the brains nerve cells, known as axons are sheared from tissue sliding over tissue. Lesions are formed causing unconsciousness. Brain cells may die creating swelling in the brain. This can result in a decrease in blood flow from the increase of pressure which can lead to additional injury. Diagnosing Diffuse Axonal Injury Unconsciousness, which lasts several hours or more, is a leading symptom of diffuse axonal injury. Other symptoms may occur even in mild cases, depending upon the area of the brain where the damage occurred. The condition is diagnosed by running certain tests including Magnetic Resource Imaging, (MRI) CT Scan, Evoked Potentials, which look at the visual, sensory and auditory paths to the brain, and Electroencephalogram. (EEG) The EEG measures the brains electrical activity. Diagnosing DAI A person who received a diffuse axonal injury is not a candidate for surgery. The goal for treatment is to stabilize the patient by utilizing procedures to reduce swelling inside to prevent further damage. Steroids or ant-inflammatory drugs are used in the treatment of diffuse axonal injury in most cases. This therapy is followed by rehabilitation once the patient is stable. Rehabilitation requires a traumatic brain recovery program involving a team of doctors, nurses and specialists including occupational, physical, speech and recreational therapists. Rehabilitation should also include counseling. The Prognosis The prognosis for severe cases of diffuse axonal injury is not good. Roughly 90% of survivors never regain consciousness, and the remaining 10% suffer lifelong impairment and disability. In mild to moderate cases the degree of physical, mental and emotional damage can vary from minimal to life altering. The long term effects may never be known until life goes on. It is best to be prepared financially for years of treatment to recover. A person who has had diffuse axonal injury may not be able to work at their chosen career or even work at all due to physical and mental limitations. This can result in loss of income over lifetime with the added expense of long term medical costs such as therapy and rehabilitation. Recovering Losses from DAI Without the help of a properly experienced and skilled personal injury law firm, a person can never recover their financial losses and be adequately compensated for future losses, pain and suffering and diminished lifestyle. Many inexperienced or inept attorneys will advise their clients who received a diffuse axonal injury to accept a settlement that is well below what is adequate. They are happy with their percentage for handling the case and are not considering the long term effect on the client. A loss of income over a lifetime can total in the millions of dollars. Add to that the cost of specialists, medication, rehabilitation and therapy and the amount grows. An experienced brain injury lawyer will aggressively pursue the settlement that is proper taking all losses and suffering into consideration. The right law firm will have the resources to front the cost of hiring specialists including accident reconstruction experts and occupational therapists to help support your case. Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA has successfully recovered large cash settlements for many clients over the years who suffered from all forms of traumatic brain injuries, including diffuse axonal injury. We understand the long term affects that are the result. Emotional, mental and physical disabilities are all associated with a serious brain injury and we will fight to recover every cent possible for our clients suffering. We are here to give you or your loved one a free consultation and evaluation. All you need to do is contact our offices to speak with an experienced brain injury lawyer. There is absolutely no cost to you until we recover the cash that you deserve. Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA 800 North Belcher Road Clearwater, FL 33765 727-451-6900


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