Daily Harvest Faces Product Liability Lawsuits After Tainted Vegan Food Hospitalized Customers 

July 6, 2022 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Daily Harvest Faces Product Liability Lawsuits After Tainted Vegan Food Hospitalized Customers 

The health food company Daily Harvest has recently come under fire for selling a compromised food product that has made hundreds of people sick. If you have experienced severe gastrointestinal issues or other illnesses after consuming Daily Harvest's French Lentil and Leek Crumbles, you may be entitled to seek damages in a product liability lawsuit. 

Dolman Law Group is prepared to use our extensive resources and expertise to assist clients who have been impacted by these defective food products to recover the costs of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain. With Dolman Law Group by your side, you can rest assured that you will be supported throughout the entire process of filing a product liability claim and have your voice heard.

What is Daily Harvest and Why Are They Being Sued?

Daily Harvest is a subscription-based company that delivers customizable vegan meal kits, ranging from smoothies and soups to flatbreads and bowls. They boast a long list of celebrity endorsements from people like Gwyneth Paltrow, Serena Williams, Bobby Flay, and Shaun White and have historically relied on social media influencers to promote their brand. 

The product liability lawsuits they are currently facing are based on reports of severe adverse reactions to their French Lentil and Leek Crumbles. Customers have accused Daily Harvest of negligence for causing them significant health issues and failing to provide clear and adequate warning of the dangers of their tainted product.

Daily Harvest Recalls Frozen Lentil and Leek Crumbles

In June of 2022, Daily Harvest issued a voluntary recall on their French Lentil and Leek Crumbles after numerous reports of customers experiencing severe gastrointestinal issues and liver problems after eating the product. To date, Daily Harvest has received 470 complaints pertaining to this issue. 

According to the defective product advisory page on their website, Daily Harvest is working in conjunction with the FDA and the CDC to determine the cause of the issue, although they have been unsuccessful thus far.

Daily Harvest Product Sends Customers to the Hospital 

Many Daily Harvest customers are pursuing product liability lawsuits against the vegan food company after consuming their product and becoming severely ill. In some cases, customers even needed surgery or emergency medical treatment. 

For Carol Ann Ready and Luke Wesley Pearson, two Daily Harvest customers, consuming the tainted French Lentil and Leek Crumbles meant getting their gallbladders removed through surgery. Ready reported extreme pain and multiple visits to the emergency room prior to hospitalization, while Pearson became “violently ill” and also required hospitalization in addition to his surgery. Like many others, Ready also experienced liver disfunction.

Is Daily Harvest Liable for Making Their Customers Sick?

Companies are responsible for the quality of the products they create. When it comes to food, they must also abide by strict guidelines from agencies like the FDA to ensure that their products are safe for public consumption. In a product liability lawsuit, they may be held accountable for a flawed design, negligence manufacturing practices, or a failure to label or warn of defects and potential dangers. 

While the cause of the compromised food is still unclear, what is clear is that Daily Harvest owes its customers a duty of care, which includes practicing safe manufacturing protocols and warning consumers of the risks of their products. By breaching their duty of care, they may be found liable for the damages suffered by those who have become sick as a result of consuming their defective products.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Daily Harvest Product Liability Lawsuit?

For many people who became sick from Daily Harvest's tainted Lentil and Leek Crumbles, the consequences went far beyond an upset stomach. Some required days of hospitalization and even surgery to rectify the damage caused by the now voluntarily recalled product. As a result, sick Daily Harvest customers were unexpectedly burdened with a variety of damages.

Economic damages are expenses with set dollar values, such as the cost of a surgeon's services and hospital resources for a gallbladder removal surgery or the value of a missed paycheck. Many victims of Daily Harvest's tainted food experienced intangible, subjective non-economic costs as well. In the case of the product liability lawsuit against Daily Harvest, these damages might consist of compensation for pain and suffering, as multiple customer accounts described their pain as “debilitating” or a “9 or 10 out of 10”. 

Examples of Damages in a Daily Harvest Tainted Food Lawsuit:

  • Medical bills
    • Lab Tests
    • Ambulance Rides
    • Surgeries
    • Hospital Stays 
    • Medication
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Permanent disability

Why Should I Hire a Product Liability Lawyer?

Daily Harvest will undoubtedly have its own team of lawyers prepared to make their case, and so should you. They will be motivated to find inconsistencies in your story and convince the fact finders that your damages are worth less than you claim, as settlements cut into their profits and damage their reputation.

A skilled product liability lawyer will be able to leverage medical records and expert witness testimony to demonstrate the validity of your assertions. They will also be able to conduct their own investigation of how the products came to be tainted and connect Daily Harvest's negligence to your injuries and resulting damages.

By hiring a product liability lawyer with knowledge of how these types of claims work, you are giving yourself a valuable advantage. Companies are more likely to take you seriously if they see that you have obtained a qualified representative, and you are more likely to receive a fair settlement offer.

Why Choose Dolman Law Group for My Daily Harvest Lawsuit?

Dolman Law Group is a personal injury firm composed of experienced product liability lawyers who have handled a variety of high-profile issues, such as tainted baby formula that has been linked to a life-threatening condition in infants and cancer-causing AFFF firefighting foam.

We have years of experience successfully bargaining with powerful companies in order to get our injured clients the compensation they are entitled to receive. This has allowed us to build a reputation for excellence based on our diligent service and valuable legal insight.

At Dolman Law Group, our clients are the priority. We will take the time to hear your concerns and understand your unique needs in order to build a legal strategy that works for you. You won't have to worry about us pushing you to settle for a smaller settlement than your damages are worth because we will be on the front lines advocating for your needs. To get a sense of how you can expect to be treated, we encourage you to take a look at the testimonials from satisfied Dolman Law Group clients.

Contact Dolman Law Group For Help With Your Daily Harvest Tainted Food Lawsuit

As a consumer, you should be able to feel confident that the food you use to feed your family has been thoroughly examined and meticulously prepared in order to be free of toxins or harmful substances. Unfortunately, Daily Harvest customers are paying the price for the vegan food company's failure to properly vet their French Lentil and Leek Crumbles before releasing them to consumers.

When your health has been compromised by a tainted or contaminated food product, you may be struggling to afford your regular bills on top of mounting medical debt and lost wages. You need a seasoned advocate to negotiate a settlement on your behalf in negotiations or in court. As your champion, Dolman Law Group won't shy away from taking your Daily Harvest product liability lawsuit to trial in order to recover a fair settlement that acknowledges the reality of your damages.

Dolman Law Group is seeking anyone who has experienced severe illness related to the consumption of Daily Harvest's French Lentil and Leek Crumbles. Our team is ready to help you pursue a product liability lawsuit to recover the damages you deserve. You can reach us by phone at 727-451-6900 or contact us through our website anytime.


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