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Archive: Sexual Assault

I Suspect Florida Daycare Child Abuse – What Should I Do?

On May 24th, of this year, a Lake County, Florida daycare worker was arrested and charged with child-abuse after deputies say she pulled a chair out from under a 4 year old boy, causing him to strike his head. Earlier…


Sexual Assault and Third Party Liability

A sexual assault is a crime of violence that can cause great harm, both physically and emotionally, to the victim. The pain and suffering can be equal to, or greater than, trauma caused by other personal injuries. The only way…


Reports of Sexual Assault on the Rise at College Campuses

If you are the parent or guardian of a college student, the recent case of two University of Miami football players accused of raping a 17-year-old in a dorm room is chilling to think about. Nine out of 10 rape…


Is an Employer Liable for Employee Sexual Assault Crime?

Do you know what your employer’s policy is regarding sexual harassment? Unfortunately most people don’t know what it is, until they need to file a claim against someone who has assaulted them. You may love your job and be a…


Sexual Assault – How Many Years Can a Person Spend in Jail for Sexual Assault?

Victims of sexual assault in Florida are more numerous than most people would believe. Each year, more than 200,000 people are victims of sexual assault in the United States, and in Florida alone a sexual assault is reported to police…


What Should I Do If I Was Sexually Assaulted at Work?

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to share this information about what to do if you are sexually assaulted at work. Did you know that a sexual assault occurs every two minutes in the United…


Another Hillsborough County Teacher Behind Bars for Sex with Student

“Hillsborough County Teacher Accused of Having Sex with Student” – as shocking as that headline might sound, if you live in the Tampa Bay area you’ve probably heard it before, perhaps more than once. In the latest teacher sex scandal,…


FSU Quarterback Winston Will Not Be Charged in Sexual Assault Investigation

Almost one year after Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was accused of sexual assault by a female FSU student, State Attorney William Meggs announced that no charges will be filed. The alleged incident occurred on December 7, 2012 when a…