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Archive: Revenge Pornography

Revenge Porn In Florida

Rebekah Wells is one of the many women who have had their personal photos leaked to various revenge porn sites without their permission. Sites such as and are just 2 of hundreds of websites dedicated to revenge porn….


A Comprehensive Look At Cyber Bullying, Sexting & Revenge Porn In Law

Florida’s Legislature passed 227 laws during its annual session and 27 of those became law on October 1st. They address issues ranging from revenge porn to prostitution to training law enforcement officers on how to recognize health emergencies brought on…


Tampa Revenge Pornography Case; $600,000 Jury Verdict

Melissa Berry is your average adult. She works a normal job, has normal friends, and tries her shot at relationships that probably won’t work out. The difference between most subjects and Berry is that she put up a fight; a…