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Archive: Nationwide Legal Resources

California Injury Attorney Discusses Google Penguin and Whether Linking to Others Can Now Cause You the Risk of Being Sued

Those are my two cents. I am just waiting to hear more of the Penguin horror stories. All this could be solved by Google simply allowing a website owner to disavow links it does not want pointed at their sites! It is really unfair and “evil”. If I was a site like Scrapebox, I would shut down now before a company like Nordstrom comes after them after they get a Penguin penalty.


Getting a Horrible Burn Means Hiring the Best Attorneys

The family that has lost a loved one in this type of accident will recover medical costs, funeral costs, loss of companionship, lost of future earnings, and other damages. If you were injured and need a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, contact Ehline Law Firm PC at 633 West Fifth Street, 28th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071-2005. 213.596.9642.


Redondo Beach Traffic Can Lead to Accidents Resulting in Head Injuries

If you were seriously injured in the South Bay, Contact a personal injury attorney at Ehline Law Firm PC: 21250 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90503 (424) 233-0709 .


Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Have the Experience Injured Riders Need

The protection that a rider has is their helmet, possibly gloves and other articles of protective clothing and boots. That is not much protection from the pavement that they will hit when involved in a collision. This is why it is not uncommon for the motorcyclist that is involved in a crash to suffer traumatic head injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, severe gashes, cuts and skin abrasions.


Learn Your Rights in a Cruise Ship Case

When there is an incident, accident or injury, like food poisoning, a dangerous evacuation or other incident the question of liability will arise.


Bakersfield Car Accident Victims Can Suffer Life Changing Injuries

Here is a guest post from our friend, Michael Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law Firm PC out in California. He handles cases in remote areas like Bakersfield. Here is his take on he higher speeds associated with the open roads…