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Archive: Maritime Law

Types of Negligence That Leads to Clearwater Boating Accidents

10.27.2016 by | Maritime Law

Boat Accident Lawyers in Florida

With around 1,200 miles of coastline and a nearly countless amount of lakes (okay, like 30,000 lakes covering more than 3 million acres, but still, a lot), the state of Florida is a popular destination for boating enthusiasts from around…


Settlements For El Faro Families

05.19.2016 by | Maritime Law

Hurricane Joaquin made headlines last year as it ripped through South Carolina, causing many to be misplaced from their homes and hundreds of others look for essentials such as water and a bed. While this travesty was devastating in the…


Summertime Can Result in Serious Injury

07.09.2015 by | Maritime Law

You know it is summer in Florida when the temperatures rise and people head out to participate in many activities, many of which involve water. Though summer is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable time for you and your…


How Do You Hold a Cruise Ship Company Liable for Injuries?

06.26.2015 by | Maritime Law

Cruises are often a fun way to vacation for the entire family, as cruise ships have become a mecca of amenities and activities that you may never imagine would fit on a single ship. Zip lines, rock climbing walls, water…


Who Is Responsible If I Was Sexually Assaulted On a Cruise Ship?

02.03.2015 by | Maritime Law

Sexual Assault on a Cruise Ship

The question of who is responsible for a sexual assault can be very difficult when the assault takes place on a commercial cruise line in international waters.   There are often many issues that could come into play like: what jurisdiction’s…


Florida BUI Just as Dangerous as DUI

07.18.2014 by | Maritime Law

People move and vacation to the Tampa Bay area for two reasons — to be surrounded by the water and warm weather. Year round, people spend their weekend afternoons out on the water, either on boats or personal watercrafts to…


July, the Most Dangerous Month for Boating Accidents: Fresh Look at Florida’s Laws

07.07.2014 by | Maritime Law

According to a 2013 boating accident report, compiled by the Florida Fish & Wild Conservation Commission, Florida leads the nation with the most registered vessels. In 2012, there were a total of 736 reportable boating accidents. Of the top 10…


Pontoon Boat Accident in Florida…Who is Liable?

07.01.2014 by | Maritime Law

Pontoon boats are basically rafts with a motor. But did you know that pontoon boat accidents cause more deaths from drowning than the much faster personal watercraft? Each year, pontoon boats account for about 4% of deaths, compared to all…


Who is Liable If a Person is Injured in a Snorkeling Accident?

06.26.2014 by | Maritime Law

Snorkeling is a fun activity. It is generally the most popular excursion when on a cruise. This is presumably due to people thinking it is safe, easy, affordable, and a great way to take advantage of being in a tropical…


Waiving Your Rights to a Personal Injury Case in Aquatic Activities

06.25.2014 by | Maritime Law

It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end.  Every year more and more people take to the skies along the coastlines of the United States, with an average of 3.8 million parasailing rides per…