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Archive: HMOs Managed Care Abuse

Are You Covered Abroad?

Health Insurance abroad can be a tricky matter. Many providers cover overseas emergencies based upon their own assumption of risk. This “prudent layperson standard” means that if a reasonable person would believe the condition could lead to death or permanent…


Insurance Company Denials Increase Profits

What exactly is “medical necessity” and why do health insurance companies use it in their language to dictate whether a person is given coverage or not? Medical necessity is broad enough to be interpreted in many ways. To the insured,…


How Can I Sue If My Insurance Company Has Denied Medical Care?

Health insurance coverage usually provides people with a feeling of security that in the event of an emergency you will be able to seek the necessary treatment and not accumulate large medical bills. As such, when reviewing health insurance benefits…


The Forgotten Generation: Putting a Stop to Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

As loved ones age and become difficult to care for, many are faced with the decision of whether or not to place them in assisted living facilities or in a nursing home. As impossible as this decision can be, there…