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Archive: Dog Bites and PTSD

Teach Your Children Safety around Dogs

Dog Bite Lawyer in Clearwater

A dog can be your best friend. But children who are raised with a family dog may simply assume all dogs are like the golden retrievers they see on television may not understand that every dog owner isn’t as responsible…


Common Complications from Dog Bite Injuries

dog bite lawyers in florida

For most responsible pet owners, dogs are a joy, as they can bring life and love to a family. It is easy, therefore, to forget that dogs are also animals and they require extensive care, training, and monitoring in order…


Children and Elderly Vulnerable to Dog Bites

Dog Bite Attorneys in Florida

Dog bites may not seem like a major issue affecting our communities, but the reality is that they happen quite often. The injuries from dog bites are often minor, however, they can cause serious and permanent injuries or death. In…


Strict Liability – Who Let the Dogs Out?

Dog Bite Lawyers in Florida

A common ice breaker on the first date is “are you a cat person or a dog person?” People who love dogs often portray them as loyal companions who chase tennis balls and fetch the morning newspaper. On the other…


Florida Dog Bite Laws

Dog Bite Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

A dog bite can be an emotionally and physically scarring experience. The vast majority of victims of dog bites are children. While often the resulting injuries are relatively minor, dog bites can cause permanent injuries. Florida Law A dog owner…


Dog Bites: What You Should Know

According to the CDC, between 2001 and 2003, 4.5 million people per year were the victim of a dog bite in the US. More recent data suggests that number to be slightly rising. Of those 4.5 million, 850,000 dog bite…


Declaring Dogs Dangerous

A recent article in the Daytona Beach News Journal described a dog attack incident where the families are at odds over liability and the dog’s eventual fate. Bacchus is an 85 pound chocolate Labrador retriever who bit 8 year old…


Should You Seek Medical Attention After a Clearwater, Florida Dog Bite?

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation provides that 36.5 of all U.S. households own a pet of some type as of 2012; a total of 43,346,000 households [1].   The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals predicts that there…


I’ve Been Bitten By a Neighbor’s Dog: Who Is Liable For My Damages?

Dogs are often considered to be members of the family. They are lovable and can be loyal to a fault, but they can also be unpredictable. Even the friendliest dog can bite a human being if it is provoked, frightened,…


Complications Associated with Dog Bites

Dog bites are closely associated with lacerations, contusions, bite marks, and similar injuries. Though a dog attack is a frightening experience, these types of physical injuries can often be treated with stitches, glue, or other emergency trauma care. Some dog…