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Archive: Birth Injuries

$30.5 Million Awarded for Birth Injury Brain Damage to Infant

Birth Injury Lawyers in Florida

The family of a girl, who suffered severe brain damage at birth due to restricted blood flow through her umbilical cord, was awarded $30.5 million by a Georgia jury. The birth injury lawsuit was filed by Zetah Louis on behalf…


Zika Virus Bites Florida

The Zika Virus; you’ve heard about it, read about it and were probably concerned about it because of how close Florida is to Latin America, the amount of travelers we get from those countries, and our biggest industry, tourism. Dr….


Birth Injuries Due To Shoulder Dystocia

Birth injuries are complications that effect the youngest victims in personal injury. Unfortunately, while shoulder dystocia is rare, it’s an injury that is serious and occurs when one or both of the shoulders of an infant are stuck in the…


Zika Virus & Birth Defects

The Zika Virus; you’ve heard about it, read about it and are probably worrying about it because of how close our state is compared to the rest of the United States to Latin America. The fact that the type of…


My Baby Suffered From Birth Asphyxia – What Can I Do?

When a baby is deprived of oxygen, either during or directly following birthing, a condition occurs which is known as asphyxia. This condition often leads to lifelong disability and sometimes death. Two types of chemical changes may happen when oxygen…


Informational Guide On Birth Injuries

Info Guide on Birth Injuries - St Petersburg, FL Edition

As a new or expecting parent, the last thing you want to think about is the possibility that your child could be injured by a doctor or other healthcare provider’s negligence. However, this is a very real possibility. According to…


Who Will Pay for My Child’s Birth Injury?

An infant injured at birth faces a lifetime of challenges and disabilities requiring special education, physical therapy, adult dependency and special provisions like ramps and mobility aids. In addition to the heartbreak and pain to the parents, the expenses can…


Ways Parents can Proactively try to Prevent Birth Injuries

pregnant woman

An estimated 4 million women [1] give birth in the United States on an annual basis, the large majority of whom choose for the birth to take place in a medical center, hospital, or other similar medical setting. If you choose to…


Can I sue if my Baby was Injured during Labor and Delivery?

For many families, the birth of a new child is a time to rejoice and to celebrate the arrival of the newest addition to the family. Even the most routine and uncomplicated birth is a monumental undertaking that may be…