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Archive: Back and Neck Injuries

How Yoga Helped Relieve Scoliosis and How it Can Help Your Back Pain Too!

Back Injury Lawyers in Florida

New York Post recently ran a feature story about 86-year-old Anna Pesce and her journey with the healing power of yoga. Anna suffered from debilitating scoliosis, a herniated disc, and osteoporosis, all of which led to immobility and daily pain….


What’s Causing Pain Lower Back Neck Car Crash

Lower Back Pain

Two of the most common pain generators in the lumbar spine are 1) the discs, and 2) the facet joints, with facet oriented pain being more common the older you get, and discogenic pain being more common overall.  If you’re…


Spinal Disc Extrusion and Protrusion after a Florida Accident

Many different terms are used to describe a disc herniation. Sometimes they are called a bulging disc, protruding disc, torn disc, slipped disc, ruptured disc, or collapsed disc. The list goes on. So one can understand how there might be…


Injection Therapy Following a Car Accident

Spine and back injuries are an exceptionally common result after someone has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Clients often show up at our office in varying levels of pain after such accidents, hoping we can help them to get…


FAQ about Whiplash

Whiplash Lawyers in Florida

Whiplash1 is a type of neck injury that can occur when the head jerks suddenly and forcefully backward and forward on the neck. It is called “whiplash” because the motion resembles the cracking of a whip. While “whiplash” is a…


Sacroiliac Joint Pain And Sciatica

What is Sacroiliac Joint Pain? Sacroiliac (pronounced sak-roh-il-ee-ak) joint pain, sometimes called SI dysfunction, is thought to cause lower back and/or radiating leg pain. The leg pain can be particularly painful. SI Joint Pain feels similar to sciatica (see below)…


New Port Richey Back Injuries

Injuries to the back can have an exaggerated effect on an individual’s overall health. Unlike an arm or leg injury, which typically remains isolated to the point of injury, back injuries can have far reaching effects throughout the body, hampering…


Spine Injuries As a Result Of Auto Accidents In New Port Richey, Florida

The human body was never intended to stop suddenly in a one-ton steel cage. In a car accident, this is exactly what happens to occupants of the vehicle. One of a number of common injuries resulting from auto collisions is…


St. Petersburg Spinal Cord Injuries

Every year, about 12,000 people sustain a spinal cord injury[1]. That’s 30 new injuries every day. Most of these people are injured in auto and sports-related accidents, falls and industrial mishaps. An estimated 60 percent of these individuals are 30…


How Common Are Cheerleading Injuries?

It was widely reported that cheerleading injuries were the leading youth sports injuries among females. In one report it was stated that cheerleading was more dangerous than high school football. A recent US study refutes these reports finding that injury…