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Archive: General

Four Bills that Seek to Limit Your Civil Rights

04.13.2017 by | General

Civil Rights Lawyers in Florida

Lately, there have been laws proposed on the federal level that seek to limit the power of the citizen against giant corporations and insurance companies. These multi-billion dollar companies, driven by greed, have teamed up with lobbyist in an attempt…


Opt-Out of VW Class-Action Lawsuit to be Eligible for $350k in Damages

OPT OUT DATE IS APRIL 14, 2017—CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY We are seeking clients to opt out of the VW class-action lawsuit and instead file individually for a much larger settlement. If you own a VW, Audi, or Porsche, you…


Our Own Darryl Rouson Appointed to Constitution Revision Commission

03.08.2017 by | General

Dolman Law Group’s own Darryl Rouson has been appointed to the Constitution Revision Commission, a committee which recommends proposals for revision of the Florida State Constitution. These proposals will be placed directly onto the November 2018 ballot, making this an…


Can I Get Money for My Pain and Suffering?

02.21.2017 by | General

The short answer to this question is: Yes. Pain and suffering is considered a non–economic damage and can be awarded as part of the amount paid by an insurance company during settlement or paid as a result of a favorable verdict…


5 Myths about Debt Collectors

12.21.2016 by | General

Personal Injury Attorneys in Clearwater, Florida

Debt is an unfortunate reality for many Americans. According to a recent study on household debt by the Federal Reserve, there was over $12.25 trillion in outstanding household debt as of the end of March 2016. When compared to the…


Autumn Getaways: Injuries At Hotels

11.28.2016 by | General

Many people take a long weekend during the autumn months to get away from work, spend time with family, and perhaps travel to a place where the trees put on their annual fall display of color. When you go stay…


3 Ways Legal Professionals Regularly Use Social Media to ‘Listen’

11.22.2016 by | General

Legal Professionals Use Social Media to Listen

As of 2016, there’s no denying the power of social media as a tried-and-true tool for businesses. That said, far too often do legal professionals consider theirs an industry in which social media can play no role. Yes, legal matters—especially…


What to Expect at an Injury Attorney Intake Appointment

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

After your free consultation with a personal injury attorney, you may decide that you are ready to retain them as your lawyer. Once you have made this decision, you will come in for an intake appointment in which a specialist…


Circuit Court Labels 411-Pain As “Inherently Misleading”

08.19.2016 by | General

Injury Attorney

If you have a pulse, you have heard the annoying advertisements from those medical and attorney referral services such as 411-Pain. They are literally everywhere: radio, billboards, internet, and TV. So, who are these companies telling you to call them…