Common Bradenton Construction Site Accidents

October 1, 2020 | Attorney, Matthew Dolman
Common Bradenton Construction Site Accidents

10 Common Types of Construction Site Accidents

No matter where you go, there always seems to be something somewhere that is under construction. Whether it is a roadway, a building, or bridge, construction is an ever-present occurrence, and with these construction sites comes a number of potential accidents that can occur. Construction sites need to utilize a wide array of equipment that can potentially injure or even kill those in the vicinity when used incorrectly, poorly maintained, or just plain defective. Bradenton construction sites see a fair number of construction accidents every year with a few types occurring more often than others.

Common Bradenton Construction Accidents

Crane/Hoist Accidents

Construction sites often need to have a large number of heavy materials brought up to higher elevations which necessitate the use of cranes and hoists. This machinery can be particularly large and heavy which can also make it particularly dangerous. Cranes can occasionally collapse and cause serious damage to anything in their immediate vicinity. This can be because they were improperly erected, defective, or operated improperly. In other cases, cranes can drop their loads and harm those below by causing traumatic brain injuries or outright crushing workers. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falling down in our day to day lives may not seem all that serious but in construction sites, falls account for a vast number of on the job injuries. Many construction sites require that workers perform tasks at extremely high elevations where they can easily fall and suffer severe injuries or even die. Improperly trained workers, a lack of safety procedures, and a lack of proper safety equipment can contribute to dangerous fall injuries occurring.

Fires and Explosions

Construction sites often will have a number of volatile chemicals and substances on hand that can ignite under certain circumstances. Fuel, construction materials, motorized equipment, and even electronics can be the source of dangerous fires breaking out and occasional explosions. These fires and explosions can inflict terrible burn injuries that can be as bad as the third degree. 

Forklift Accidents

They may seem like a fairly innocuous piece of equipment but forklifts have the potential to inflict severe injuries when construction site accidents occur. Forklift operators are required to undergo extensive training to ensure that they operate this kind of equipment safely. Forklifts are heavy enough to easily crush workers that get in their way and the loads they handle can topple over and cause very dangerous accidents as well.  

Trench Accidents

Many construction sites will have long and deep trenches dug into the ground to set up things like piping, cables, or to build up foundations for structures. These trenches can often be the site of terrible accidents when they can either collapse or if someone or something falls inside causing severe injuries. 

Elevator Accidents

Construction of buildings with multiple floors will sometimes utilize an elevator to get materials and workers to various floors. These are not typical elevators but industrial ones that can often be temporary structures. Workers can easily injure themselves by getting caught in exposed elevator parts, falls, and mechanical failures of the elevator. 

Electrical Accidents

Many buildings under construction will have a great deal of exposed wiring that can potentially cause electrocution accidents. Electricity is an extremely dangerous hazard that can inflict severe burns and outright kill a person in the blink of an eye if proper safety procedures are not followed. 

Accidents Involving Heavy Machinery

Heavy equipment and machinery is synonymous with construction sites. Tasks ranging from digging to drilling on a massive scale require these machines that are as varied as they are dangerous. They are guaranteed to be present in some capacity and every year many construction workers lose their lives because of accidents involving these devices. One of the main reasons why many construction workers are harmed by heavy machinery is because of a lack of training in the proper operation of heavy machinery and a lack of safety procedures to ensure that accidents don't happen. 

Caught Between Accidents

There are usually a number of extremely heavy objects to be found on construction sites. Many of these objects will have the ability to move which can end up causing accidents where a part of a person can be trapped between two very heavy objects. Many limbs get crushed in what are known as caught between accidents. Heavy machinery and construction materials can fall, shift, and slip in ways that catch a part of or a whole person in a way that can either injure or kill them. 

Chemical Spills and Exposure

Many dangerous materials are present on construction sites and can injure workers simply through exposure alone. Materials like toxic chemicals or hazardous waste can poison workers that inhale fumes, inflict chemical burns, or cause toxic shock through physical touch. Respiratory illnesses and injuries are some of the most commonly suffered injuries because of exposure to dangerous chemicals on construction sites.

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