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Bakersfield Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Have the Experience Injured Riders Need

Many of you know I am a motorcycle rider’s friend. In fact, I am a motorcycle lawyer’s friend too. In my never ending quest to help educate consumers, guest speaker, Michael Ehline, of Ehline Law firm PC volunteered this great article about the desert city of Bakersfield, California, where speeds can fast approach 100 on the un-congested roads. Ehline says that: Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorneys have the experience injured riders need and the skills to deal with complex litigation that happens, when holding the negligent party responsible. The biker that was injured in a collision with motor vehicle, injured due to a defective part or design, or the rider that was injured due to roadway conditions will need the representation of the motorcycle crash lawyer.

When a motorcycle accident happens, the rider in most cases is seriously injured, since they are traveling even at a slow speed, without much protection. The protection that a rider has is their helmet, possibly gloves and other articles of protective clothing and boots. That is not much protection from the pavement that they will hit when involved in a collision. This is why it is not uncommon for the motorcyclist that is involved in a crash to suffer traumatic head injuries, internal injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, severe gashes, cuts and skin abrasions. When the motorcycle accident involves a motor vehicle, the driver that caused the accident in which the biker was seriously injured normally does not even suffer bruising. There are many motorcycle accidents that, while the driver of a vehicle is does not suffer any injuries, the motorcyclist suffers critical injuries that are fatal.

The injuries that the motorcycle rider suffers will mean that they will be hospitalized; there could be surgeries necessary, skin grafts, therapy and rehabilitation. This will mean that the biker is unable to work and it can be stressful financially for them and their family, due to the actions of another person, manufacturer or roadway agency. This is when the injured biker needs their rights protected by the Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney that will ensure that the accident is thoroughly investigated using experts, that the lawsuit is filed within the required amount of time and that has expert litigation skills. The motorcycle rider that has been injured due to the actions of another party deserves to be compensation and to hold the negligent party legally responsible.

When the motorcyclist is fatally injured the family has the legal right to hold the negligent party accountable and the Bakersfield motorcycle accident attorney will file a wrongful death lawsuit, since the actions of the negligent party is what led to the riders death. If you were injured and need help in Bakersfield, contact Ehline Law Firm PC at:

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