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Bakersfield Car Accident Victims Can Suffer Life Changing Injuries

Here is a guest post from our friend, Michael Ehline, Esq., of Ehline Law Firm PC out in California. He handles cases in remote areas like Bakersfield. Here is his take on he higher speeds associated with the open roads in CA. Incidentally, if you are injured in Northern or Southern California, he has a great website for you to peruse. He is not just a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, and here is what Ehline says:

Bakersfield car accident victims can suffer life changing injuries, these are injuries that do not heal in a day or even a week, but that require ongoing medical care and might never completely heal. When these types of injuries are suffered in a car accident and it was caused by another driver that was careless, reckless or distracted, the injured victim or the family of a victim that was fatally injured has the legal right to hold them responsible.

This is done with the assistance of a Bakersfield car accident attorney, that has the experience to investigate the accident and hold all of the negligent parties accountable, including the driver’s insurance company. This kind of accident can cause permanent disabilities and that will mean the possibility of never being able to return to work and requiring ongoing medical care and the experienced car accident lawyer is able to prepare a case that will recover the compensation that the injured victim deserves. When the victim of a car accident is killed, the attorney will file a wrongful death lawsuit, which will help to bring the family some closure, when the driver that was reckless or careless leading to the death of their loved one is held legally responsible.

The types of serious injuries that can be suffered in car accidents depends on several factors, which include the speed involved, the point of impact and the type of vehicle that crashes into the victims car. Seatbelts and airbags are only able to protect the victim involved in an accident to a certain point and in some cases that isn’t enough and the person is seriously injured. These injuries include traumatic head injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, cuts and gashes. When a car accident occurs the Bakersfield car accident attorney like Michael Ehline, Esq., is able to protect the rights of the injured victim, including having the litigation skills that can win against the insurance company and their lawyers that will fight aggressively to protect the insurance company from having to pay compensation. The experience and litigation skills of the car accident attorney will enable them to hold the negligent party and their insurance company accountable, even when there are a team of lawyers. In high speed areas like Bakersfield, where there is less traffic, this is key to recovery for the catastrophic losses associated with higher speeds.

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