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How Do I Avoid a Collision with a Car Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road?

This past weekend, three passengers were killed along I-275 in Tampa Bay when they were driving southbound on the northbound side of the highway. Two women, sisters, and one man were killed in a head-on collision with a semi-truck transporting fuel. The truck driver was not injured, and while it was discovered that the driver has had previous violations, including driving with a suspended license, it is clear that he is not at fault. In the span of the past seven months, there have been four wrong way crashes along the same stretch of I-275, resulting in 10 deaths.

In an article published on September 7 in the Tampa Bay Times about the incident, Russ Rader, a spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, was quoted as saying: “Statistically, sometimes there are clusters like this that aren’t really explainable.” In the previous three accidents, all three drivers were found to be operating their vehicles under the influence. The full details of the most recent incident have yet to be released.


While incidents involving vehicles traveling the wrong way down major highway remain a statistical rarity, when they do occur, they more likely than not have fatal results. If you are ever in the scenario when you are facing a driver coming down the wrong way on the highway, keep the following actions in mind:

  • Get on the right side of the road: When a driver driving on the wrong side of the highway, they will often immediately try and get to the left lane because they believe it is the right lane, or slow lane, and they are impaired and want to avoid a ticket. Once you get to the right side of the road, pull over.
  • Flash high beams: If you see a driver coming down the wrong way of the road, flash your high beams at them and try and to get the driver’s attention. You may also consider honking the car’s horn as an added attempt to get their attention.
  • Call 911: If all attempts to get the driver’s attention have failed, and they show no sign in stopping, call 911 to report the incident. This will give the authorities a chance to intervene before it’s too late.


While it may just be an unfortunate coincidence that the there have been four fatal wrong-way accidents along the same stretch of I-275 within the past 7 months, the constant construction and new traffic patterns may also put motorists at risk once again.

For more information about Wrong Way Driving, (read this) informative study conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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