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How do I Avoid an Accident while Operating a Golf Cart?

Due to Florida’s plethora of golf courses, golf course communities, retirement communities and beach communities, one of the most popular forms of alternate transportation is the golf cart. While no license is required to operate a golf cart and they do not travel at very high speeds, they can be dangerous for that very reason. Often, people behave recklessly while operating golf carts under the assumption that they are safe from serious injury. However, this is not true. Golf carts do not have the same safety capabilities as regular automobiles, and leave the driver and passengers greatly exposed.

There are a specific set of safety tips one needs to keep in mind when operating a golf cart.


  1. Make sure to obey the rules of the road as you would if you were operating an automobile.
  2. Never drive intoxicated or under the influence of any substance.
  3. Do not operate a golf cart while distracted. Just like operating an automobile, it requires your full attention and focus.
  4. Do not carry more passengers in the golf cart than there are the number of available seats.
  5. Drivers and passengers need to keep all parts of their body inside of the golf cart while it is in transport.
  6. Do not drive the golf cart if anyone is standing inside the vehicle or on the back platform.
  7. Operate the vehicle from the driver’s side of the golf cart only.
  8. Due to the low visibility of the golf cart’s turn signals, make sure to use hand signals as well when turning.
  9. When backing up or in reverse, make sure to turn behind and watch where you are driving.
  10. Avoid sharp turns at max speed, do not attempt to turn or drive at an angle when driving up or down a hill, and avoid sudden stops and turns to avoid a rollover incident.
  11. Make sure to use extreme caution when in severe weather, as not only do the wet roads or ground provide an added risk, but golf carts are also not as safe as automobiles in a lightning storm.
  12. Do not leave the keys in the golf cart when it is unattended and also make sure the parking brake is always set when exiting the golf cart.


Due to the increased exposure of the passengers of a golf cart, serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, neck and spinal cord injuries, fractured limbs, dislocated joints, severe wounds and permanent scarring can occur if the golf cart is involved in an accident. If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been seriously injured in a golf cart accident due to another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

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