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Another Senseless Clearwater Pedestrian Injury

A thirteen (13) year old boy was airlifted to the trauma unit at an area hospital after being struck by a vehicle while crossing Drew Street (at Glenwood Avenue) in Clearwater where there is no pedestrian crosswalk.


As a Clearwater injury attorney, I am noticing a disturbing trend of increased pedestrian injuries and fatalities. The increase of pedestrian related incidents may be attributable to the prevalence of distracted driving in conjunction with a lack of safety protocols in place in the Clearwater area.

It seems like every day we learn of yet another senseless pedestrian injury that could be avoided if the City of Clearwater and Pinellas County would implement and install more safety measures in place for the concern of our citizens. If you are a reader of my blog, you will note that we have increased our focus on pedestrian related issues in recent weeks due to the increase in injuries we have seen in 2012 alone.

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