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Adding Injury to Insult

St. Petersburg criminal defense attorneys Lee Pearlman and Andrew Tetreault have shared a very interesting article with us. Tyler Marshall, a twenty year old man from Bradenton, Florida, had a small problem that turned into a big one following a verbal confrontation with his girlfriend, nineteen year old Brittany Siler.

The two former lovebirds spent Tuesday, November 13th together in a local dog park. According to a probable cause affidavit, the pair began arguing and Marshall broke up with Siler. While Marshall might have got the last word about their relationship, Siler was determined to have the last laugh. She proceeded to tell Marshall “your penis is small” as a response to what she saw as Marshall’s “verbally abusive” behavior. She would apparently know, because the couple had been involved in a romantic relationship for some time, and had purportedly been intimate within the past week.

At this point, Marshall decided to match Siler’s insult with injury. He cocked his right hand, and slapped Siler across her left cheek. Dazed but not down, Siler begins crying and the pair continue arguing. Face to face, yelling at each other, Marshall then bites her, albeit just the tip of her nose.

Marshall was later apprehended and jailed on felony charges of domestic battery stemming from the fight at the dog park. This most recent arrest follows within six months of Marshall being arrested for a battery and child abuse charge.

This is not the first time the two have been engaged in altercations. Apparently, the initial fight traced back to Marshall and Siler’s living arrangements, or lack thereof. The couple had previously lived together, but were asked to leave as a result of their frequent verbal altercations. Displaced and displeased, the tension from the eviction culminated in the fight at the dog park.

Strangely enough, however, is the rate at which “little peter” putdowns have led to domestic battery charges within Manatee County. A little over a year ago, twenty seven year old Keron Gordon of Ellenton was arrested in an eerily similar altercation. While still living with his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Wallace, the pair began fighting and Gordon called Wallace “fat.” To this insult, Wallace utilized creative license on an age old adage and replied that she could lose whatever fat she had and become skinny, but Gordon “can’t grow a d**k, little d**k f****r.” For this colorful interpretation of “stupid is forever,” Gordon backhanded his ex-girlfriend across the nose. Gordon was later arrested for battery.

Manatee County Sherriff’s Office have not investigated nor issued findings on the veracity of the two women’s claims, but sometimes actions speak louder than words.

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