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6 Reasons to Download the Dolman Law Group Crash App

Here are our top reasons you should download Dolman Law Group’s Crash App to protect you and your family in case you are ever in a car accident. If you’re already convinced, click to download here.

1.      It’s Not Just for Clients

Some people have asked me if you have to be a current Dolman Law Group client in order to use the Dolman Law Group app. The answer is absolutely not. In fact, the app is designed to help everyone collect the right information when they’re injured in a car accident, and then give them access to a local, experienced attorney.

2.      It’s Easy and Convenient

If you’re reason for not downloading the app goes something like, “I don’t plan on getting into a car crash, so I don’t need it” or “I’ll download it when the need arises” then consider this: the average person is involved in 4 serious car accidents in their lifetime. So if you don’t plan on getting into an accident, then you’re like 100% percent of people who have been in an accident; they never expected it. If you download the app now, before you need it, then you will be ready to go if and when the time arrives. Additionally, the app takes up very little space on your phone and only takes a few seconds to download.

3.      It Will Walk You through the Process

Once you have the app on your phone, it will just sit in the background taking up very little room until the unfortunate moment comes when you need it. Just simply ensure you and your car are in a safe place, open the app, and begin following the steps on the screen. The app will walk you through the process, step by step, so that you collect all the information you need. Also, the app stores your insurance information, so that you can easily provide it to other parties. It also has a place for you to enter the other driver’s insurance information as well.

4.      It Will Help Your Injury Claim

Having the appropriate evidence for your injury claim is critical to a successful case. Often times, the stress and chaos of an accident scene often means that people overlook even the simplest of evidence collection. This includes taking photos of your property damage, your injuries, the other car, and the accident scene; as well as collecting information like witnesses’ names and contact info. With the Dolman Law Group crash app, this process is put into an easy to follow, step-by-step process. That information is then sent to our firm, without you ever having to even upload it. It does it automatically. Having this critical evidence is an imperative part of a successful claim. Photos of damage and injuries, and contact information of key witnesses, can make or break an injury claim.

5.      It Might Increase Your Compensation

Piggybacking off of Reason #4, collecting the correct evidence can help increase the amount of your claim by bolstering your case. Nothing helps an attorney more than well-documented evidence. This information, all gathered correctly and efficiently thanks to the app, allows your attorney to prove everything they are claiming about your accident and injuries. Likewise, hiring an attorney is known to increase the amount of compensation in an injury claim. Of course, by downloading and using the app, you are under no obligation to hire our firm; but if you do decide to, we will have the information necessary to help you maximize your compensation amount.

6.      It Will Make Your Life Easier

Hiring a personal injury attorney, in general, makes your life easier since it takes the pressure off of you to prove your case, allowing you to focus your energy on recovery. Utilizing the Dolman Law Group crash app makes your life even easier by helping you to collect all the evidence you need and effortlessly sending it to your attorney. Then, once we have begun working together, the app allows for easy communication between you and our office. If you would like, we can send you appointment reminders and case updates right to your phone without having to call the office or read an email.

Download the Dolman Law Group Crash App

We hope this article has convinced you that downloading the crash app, before you need it, is an easy way for you to help protect yourself and your family in the unfortunate event of a car accident. If you want to learn more about the app, click here to watch a video or to read more.

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