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Archive: July 2012

What Chicago Pedestrians Need To Know: Safety Programs

My Chicago injury attorney colleague, Jonathan Rosenfeld and I were recently talking about the severity of injuries sustained by pedestrians in our cities. As lawyers who represent victims of these accidents we were discussing some preventative measures our respective cities…


I-75 Automobile Accidents Pileup was Avoidable

On January 29, 2012 at 3:26 am the stretch of I-75 through Paynes Prairie in Alachua County was reopened after hours of closure. For several hours vehicles had been rerouted to a two-lane road due to smoke and fog on the…


Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury Can Persist for Years

Physicians have long believed that if you hit your head during a car accident or while playing sports, then the concussion symptoms; dizziness, memory loss, headaches, would disappear with a little rest and relaxation. A new study conducted at the…


The Recent Florida Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Florida’s Drug Laws and What It Means for our Criminal Justice System

As a Clearwater drug defense Attorney, I have closely followed the recent Florida Supreme Court decision. We have all heard about the “presumption of innocence”, a constitutional right afforded to all citizens. However, does the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling regarding our drug…


Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses the Florida Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Florida’s Drug Laws and What it Means for our Criminal Justice System

Many in the legal community and lay people as well have been waiting for the Florida Supreme Court to hand down a ruling regarding Florida’s drug laws. The United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida recently held that Florida’s…


Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Florida’s 10-20-Life Law and Criminal Charges Involving the use of Firearms

As a Clearwater Criminal Defense Attorney, I am aware that the term “10-20-Life” has received substantial attention as a result of billboards along with signs that was once posted around the gas pumps at some local service stations. However it appears that…


Insurers Manipulate Computer Systems to Underpay Injury Claims

07.16.2012 by | Insurance

A recent report has been published by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) which states that computerized claims’ systems (such as colossus) used by many of the nation’s major insurance carriers can be conveniently adjusted to make insufficient, “lowball” claims’…


Philippines: Fuss Over Helmet Law and Safety of Riders

As an Injury Law Attorney, I try to follow articles concerning how other nations deal with the very same issues we face state side. Motorcyclists in the Philippines are not like those in the U.S. who spend excessive time arguing…


St. Petersburg: Bicyclist Killed in Vehicle Accident

On Thursday July 5th, David Formato, 54, was standing over his bike as he waited for a traffic signal to change in St. Petersburg. He was then hit by a vehicle, which had been impacted by another. Officials believe a…


Police: Distracted Driver Hit, Killed Pedestrian

A Brunswick man, Giles Curtis Dismuke, 47, was arrested on June 25 and is facing several charges after police say he hit and killed a pedestrian while using his cellphone. Brunswick officials have disclosed that on January 30, Dismuke was…