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411-Pain, Ask Gary and Other Lawyer Referral Services – Are They Legitimate or Necessary?


We have all heard them hundreds of times, those catchy sing-along ads for lawyer referral services like 411-PAIN. They always include a catchy hook and a spokesperson making questionable claims. They always assert that by calling their easy to remember…


Four South Florida Attorneys Arrested for Fraud, Client Brokering

09.19.2017 by | Insurance

South Florida Attorneys Arrested for Client Borkering

Four personal-injury lawyers in South Florida have been accused of paying for clients using a scheme known as kickbacks, the Sun-Sentinel has reported. These lawyers were paying non-attorneys to solicit to car-accident victims for their firms then receiving payment from…


Renters Insurance: Everything You Need to Know after a Hurricane

09.15.2017 by | Insurance

renters insurance after hurricane irma

Millions of Floridians were recently affected by Hurricane Irma. The threat from the storm initiated what is believed to be the largest evacuation in U.S. history and is estimated to have caused nearly $58 billion in damage. The recovery and…


I was in an Accident, Should I See a Doctor?

Car Accident - Should I see a doctor

You are driving down the road and suddenly you are struck by another vehicle. You feel confused and sore, and are not sure what to do next. The ambulance comes to the scene of the crash and asks you if…


Radiculopathy: Common Spine Injury Related to Accidents

radiculopathy is a common spinal injury after car accidents

What is Radiculopathy? Radiculopathy is not a specific condition, but rather a description of a general issue in which one or more nerves in the body are negatively affected and not working properly. The symptoms of the pain associated with…


Do I Have A Florida Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful Death Lawyers in Florida

When an individual dies in an accident that he or she did not cause, his or her death is ruled to be a wrongful death. This means that another party caused the victim’s death through negligence or reckless behavior. When…


Common Myths of Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries

When someone is involved in a car crash they often suffer visible injuries in the form of bruises, abrasions, and lacerations. They may also suffer from soft tissue injuries to their neck and back. Usually, the pain from these types…


Hurricane Irma and Covered Loss

09.08.2017 by | Insurance

Hurricane Irma Florida Covered Losses

With Hurricane Irma threatening Florida (and Hurricane Jose right behind her), I’m sure many people in the Sunshine State are reviewing their homeowner’s insurance policies. Although it’s certainly not the time to make any adjustments to that contract (since most…


Causes and Risks of Preterm Birth

Clearwater Birth Injury Attorney

Representing Clients Injured as a Result of Medical Errors that Led to Preterm Birth During pregnancy, babies need plenty of time to develop and grow so they are strong and capable enough to survive without their mother’s direct provision of…


When Negligence Leads to Loss: Recovering for the Death of a Loved One in Florida

Suffering any type of personal injury can be a devastating event. Enduring a traumatic injury can leave you having to deal with problems of ongoing pain, difficulty in carrying out your normal tasks at work, and a general loss of…


Failure to Diagnose Anemia During Pregnancy

Clearwater Birth Injury Lawyer

Most pregnant women are thrilled to be expecting, cannot wait to deliver their new bundles of joy, and will receive top-notch prenatal care. In fact, most expectant mothers do not experience delivery complications. Unfortunately, however, this is not the case…