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411-Pain, Ask Gary and Other Lawyer Referral Services – Are They Legitimate or Necessary?


We have all heard them a hundred times. The TV and radio advertisements for 411 PAIN where the spokesperson claims that by calling their number you can be connected with an attorney who can help you and your family after…


How Yoga Helped Relieve Scoliosis and How it Can Help Your Back Pain Too!

Back Injury Lawyers in Florida

New York Post recently ran a feature story about 86-year-old Anna Pesce and her journey with the healing power of yoga. Anna suffered from debilitating scoliosis, a herniated disc, and osteoporosis, all of which led to immobility and daily pain….


Paralyzed Car Accident Victim Regains Movement Thanks to Stem Cells

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

On March 6, 2016, Kristopher Boesen was driving down a California road when he lost control of his car. The vehicle swerved back and forth before ramping off the road, slamming into a tree, and crashing into a telephone pole….


Were You Injured by a Drunk Driver on Super Bowl Sunday?

DUI Victim Attorneys in Florida

Everyone likes to have a good time while watching the Super Bowl, and Super Bowl parties typically involve alcoholic drinks and good food. However, when party-goers get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after consuming too much alcohol at…


Can I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against My Deceased Spouse’s Employer?

Wrongful death lawyers in Florida

Losing your spouse in a workplace accident is an extremely emotional and tragic experience. When you lose your spouse, not only are you faced with coping with the idea of a future alone – and the emotional and psychological issues…


Burn Injuries Explained

02.14.2017 by | Burn Injuries

Burn Injury Lawyers in Florida

Burns are classified in two different ways: their degree/severity, and the source of the burn. The following reviews the different types of burn injuries, as well as what you should do if your burn injury was caused by another’s fault….


3 Types of Product Liability Claims

02.13.2017 by | St Petersburg

Product Liability Lawyers in Florida

Defective products cause thousands of injuries every year. From recalled automobiles due to defective airbags, to recalled pieces of furniture due to toppling risks, too many products that contain hazardous defects are sold to Americans. If you are injured by…


Severe Construction Site Injuries and Hazards

Construction Site Accident Lawyers

The federal government agency responsible for the safety and protection of American workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),1 an agency housed in the federal Department of Labor, has estimated that just about 6.5 million people work on approximately…


Safety Tips for New Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle Crash Lawyers in Florida

Riding a motorcycle can be much more complicated process1 than those who are without any experience may anticipate.   First, the balancing of the motorcycle is a factor that must be taken into account that is irrelevant to those who…


The Mirena Crash is Real – Effecting Countless Women

The detrimental effects of the Mirena IUD to users are many, with the worst being migration of the device, puncturing the uterine wall and damaging organs within the body cavity such as the liver and intestines. Other possible side effects…